10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In GTA V

Rockstar Games' flagship title is filled with an abundance of content in the form of easter eggs and mysteries to keep players engaged. Grand Theft Auto V has grossed billions of dollars, and for a good reason; it has distinguished itself in the crowded open-world genre.

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They never added things like the stock market, gambling (coming soon), or a single-player DLC but they did leave plenty of small nuances that give the game lasting appeal. Whether you are a casual or a hardcore GTA V fan, there is something to appreciate for just about everyone. These are 10 things you didn't know you could do in GTA V.

10 Spot Various UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object)

Grand Theft Auto V is an enigmatic game that continues to surprise its players. Found within the fictional city of Los Santos is a variety of secrets and easter eggs that continue to perplex players long after their discovery. Including the FIB UFO of Sandy Shores, a sunken underwater UFO, and one that floats above Mount Chiliad, there are at least three ways to spot an alien aircraft in GTA V.

It's possible to find Mount Chiliad's UFO after attaining 100% game completion. After beating the game, head to the top of Mount Chiliad on a cloudy night at 3:00 am. The UFO will appear as it hovers before you.

9 Watch A Movie At The Movie Theatre

Playing Grand Theft Auto V doesn't have to be a chaotic experience. Every once in a while, players can take joy in exploring its landmarks—three being the Tivoli Cinema, Ten Cent Theatre, and Oriental Theatre. Tickets to watch movies can be purchased at these theatres, which differs from cinemas like the Los Santos Theatre and the Cinema Doppler.

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The marquee doesn't always match with what is playing in a theatre, but regardless, you'll be able to watch a few entertaining short films for a minuscule amount of GTA cash.

8 Search For The Ghost Of Mount Gordo

Despite what many people might guess, this is not another myth. Supernatural hunters and Grand Theft Auto V completionists alike will take joy in searching for the apparition of Mount Gordo.

It's not the first time we've seen a supernatural phenomenon on one of GTA V's mountains. The ghost of Mount Gordo (also known as Jolene Cranley-Evans' ghost) can be easily found by heading up the mountain, near the peak, and going towards a flat rock between the hours of 23:00 and 0:00.

7 Visit The Playboy Mansion

Ever wanted to visit one of Grand Theft Auto V's most happening places? The Playboy Mansion is an easter egg based on the real-life mansion of the same name. During the daytime, the site seems bare, but at night, the estate is a hot spot for parties.

Topless women, rich snobs, and partygoers in swimwear can be found at one of the mansion's parties. It's an easter egg that everyone should visit at least once.

6 Trigger An Explosion By Calling A Phone Number

One of the most bizarre things you can do in Grand Theft Auto V is to trigger an explosion with your cell phone. Perhaps this irregularity could be explained by the developers at Rockstar Games. After dialing the number, a controlled explosion goes off as if a grenade has detonated. Oddly, the number you must dial for this explosion to trigger is 1-999-367-3767.

Dialing a long phone number to trigger a small explosion seems nonsensical. Hopefully, people don't phone the number outside the game because "your call cannot be completed as dialed."

5 Pilot A Blimp

Blimps are fast-moving airships filled with hot air. You can't walk around inside a blimp, but steering it should provide hours of entertainment. Spotting a blimp is a rare sight due to limited production.

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Unfortunately, the only way to pilot a blimp in Grand Theft Auto V is to have the pre-order code, which can be input into your cell phone. It's a shame GTA V's creators didn't make the blimp accessible to everyone at a later date.

4 Walk Inside Los Santos Customs

Ordinarily, walking into Los Santos Customs is problematic since the garage door opens for vehicles and not pedestrians. It's been discovered that people can ingeniously walk into Los Santos Customs by blocking the garage door with a vehicle.

Players can walk around Los Santos Customs while another player is customizing their car. There are a variety of tools to see, and chances are, you'll run into the mechanic while he's hard at work.

3 Solve The Mystery Of Mount Chiliad

This mysterious map can be found at the summit of Mount Chiliad, inside the Cable Car Station. The map appears to outline a series of clues to a puzzle that may or may not be solved. Three pictures including a UFO, an egg, and a jetpack are depicted at the base of the mountain.

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We know a UFO exists, so its entirely possible a jetpack exists in the game. As for now, the mystery of Mount Chiliad, the biggest mountain in the State of San Andreas, will remain as a potential myth.

2 Meet A Frozen Alien

By playing the prologue of Grand Theft Auto V, players can uncover one of the game’s most disturbing finds. An alien resembling the one from the Alien franchise is discoverable, submerged in a frozen river next to a bridge.

The difficulty to find this alien is above average since the game will say you’re out of bounds if you go too far and it will restart the mission if you take too long. Chances are, you’ll only have a few seconds to admire this easter egg—if you can find this chilly intergalactic creature.

1 Discover Underwater Wrecks

Found throughout the ocean depths of Grand Theft Auto V is an abundance of wrecks waiting to be explored. These wrecks include but are not limited to a nuclear submarine, a submersible, planes, and numerous shipwrecks.

To find a large number of the game's wrecks, you can head east from the Humane Labs and Research. Due to a large number of sunken vehicles east of the Humane Labs and Research, it can be surmised that the chemical research company has been using the ocean as a garbage dump. These underwater wrecks are fascinating, and after diving deeper, you can uncover clues to the remnants' origin.

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