10 Things You Didn’t Know They Cut From Red Dead Redemption 2 Before Release

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fantastic game full of engaging and interesting content. Be it hunting, fishing, gunslinging, or horseback riding there’s a lot to do in this game.

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What’s interesting is that the developers had more planned for the game but were forced to cut it before the release. Some of the cut content ranges from simple bounties, to questlines and even entire areas of the game getting dropped or underdeveloped. Some fans are hopeful this cut content will be included in future DLCs but it’s more likely that Rockstar Games will focus on the online version instead.

10 Second Love Interest

Around the time of release the game developers announced that there was a good chunk of content pulled from the game regarding a second love interest that could’ve been pursued. They didn’t give any information on who this second person might’ve been or whether the character is still present in the game or no longer exists.

It was stated that the second love interest was pulled because they were worried it wouldn’t work, although they haven’t clarified what they meant by that. Some fans speculate it might’ve been Sadie. This seems to make the most sense given their relationship and her dark past would’ve made romance an unusual development.

9 Mexico

Some players have reported being able to glitch into a land to the south of the game’s map that’s a recreation of Mexico from the first game. Glitching into this area requires traveling to a small creek near the Sea of Coronado in New Austin. Following the river they’ll come to two landmasses that meet, here the player throws down a camp butting up against the invisible wall and when they leave will glitch into Mexico.

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Many fans speculate this territory will become available as part of a future DLC, but with Rockstar focusing their efforts on Red Dead Online it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen.

8 Snowy North

Some clever players have found that setting up camp against the invisible wall near Barrow Lagoon and then leaving the camp will result in the player being transported to an unused snowy land to the north.

The land is entirely developed with various animals to hunt and there are unused audio files suggesting something taking place here. Many fans are hoping for it to become available as part of a DLC, but with Rockster focusing on Red Dead Online it’s unlikely.

7 Gold Mining

Money plays an important role in the Red Dead Redemption 2 and players will devote lots of their time to accumulating enough to buy better weapons, ammo, horses, and other major expenses. Many fans have stated that they found evidence to suggest that gold panning and possibly mining was meant to be a mechanic featured in the game to obtain large sums of cash.

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As it stands there are a number of gold prospectors players can randomly encounter near rivers. These prospectors will pan for a while before celebrating a discovery and riding off. If players kill them it’s revealed they’ll have a gold nugget in their possession that wasn’t there before.

6 Guarma

While Guarma made an appearance in the final game many players have commented on how empty and lacking the area feels. This island off the coast of Cuba is only accessible during the fifth chapter and players will immediately be killed if they ever return.

Some fans believe this hostility from the guards is a clever trick by developers to prevent players from fully exploring an area that hasn’t been fully developed. Others feel they intended for more to take place but decided to instead put it in the online version and keep the limited content in the game as a teaser of sorts.

5 Bounty Hunter Missions

During your journey the player has the option to step into the role of a bounty hunter and track down wanted individuals for a decent payout. These missions are a great way to wrack up some money and experience points.

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It’s been confirmed that a number of bounty hunter missions were ultimately cut for unknown reasons. There hasn’t been any word on which individuals were to be hunted and players haven’t found anything in the files to suggest what might have been cut or if they had even made it into development.

4 Player Owned Carriages

This one’s a bit more speculative than others on the list but there are many fans claiming that player owned stage coaches or carriages were meant to be a feature in Red Dead Redemption 2. Supposedly there would have been missions that allowed the player to transport key individuals across the west in stagecoaches while fighting off hostiles.

Again this could entirely be speculation, but there was a means for the player to obtain a carriage by stealing in the final release so all the game mechanics were present to make this possible.

3 Build Gang

Some fans claim that there appears to be files suggesting the ability to build a customizable squad or posse. The game mechanic would’ve allowed players to build their gang up by recruiting various NPCs across the map.

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The claim is that it was removed from the final release due to time constraints while others say it would’ve been too similar to the posse mechanics in Red Dead Online that they didn’t want it to compete.

2 Select Squad Loadout

Another interesting feature that was supposedly meant to be in the game was the ability to choose your squad’s loadout. The player would’ve been able to choose the posse members weapons and outfits before engaging in missions or other activities.

As it stands the player is unable to adjust the equipment of their allies, but it is a feature that would be helpful, especially if the customizable squad features had been implemented.

1 New Austin

One of the more interesting areas of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the vast expanse near Blackwater that the player never encounters during any of the missions. Players who’ve gone exploring there have stated that it feels incomplete.

A building that randomly explodes with no explanation, hostiles that threaten the player if they get too close, and a mysterious priest with a letter in his pocket but no questline are found in this area. Many fans believe this may have been cut due to time constraints, could be part of a future DLC, or that it was a placeholder for Red Dead Online content.

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