10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had Zelda fans and newcomers to the franchise hooked as soon as it was released. It was so hard for anyone that picked up this game to leave their Nintendo Switch anywhere without taking it with them so they could keep exploring Hyrule, solving shrines, and looking for all those pesky Korok seeds.

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Even though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is a game that many people have managed to sink dozens of hours into, there are still things in this game that many players simply never discovered or knew that you could do. We don't mean the basic side quests like helping to build Tarrey Town or decorating your house. No, we mean things that even the most serious Zelda fans had no idea you could do in the game.

To see 10 things that even the most dedicated Breath of the Wild fans had no idea you could do in the game, keep reading!

10 Go Bowling

Trying to buy and upgrade your armor in Breath of the Wild can get really expensive. Finding Rupees is a big part of the game and although you can definitely sell some of the monster parts and other items that you find in large amounts in order to make some money, there are also other really good ways to make a quick Rupee that can be a lot of fun.

One way is to go bowling! No, we're not kidding. After you get your hands on some Snowquill armor, head up to Pondo's Lodge next to Hebra Tower in the Northwest corner of the map. It costs 20 Rupees to try, but Pondo pays 300 Rupees for each strike. Even if you miss, it's a ton of fun.

9 Annoy NPCs

There are a ton of NPCs in Breath of the Wild that Link can interact with. Some of them give quests or tips to where Link can find special surprises around the world of Hyrule while others are just there to be a background character in the game. If you ever run out of things to do in the game, bothering some of these NPCs can be a good bit of mischievous fun.

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If you go to any of the shops in the different towns around Hyrule, you can get some special dialogue from some of the NPCs working in the shops. Just climb up on the desk and either stand there or walk around for a minute. It won't take long before the NPCs get annoyed and say something under their breath about Link's behavior.

8 And Creep Them Out

If bothering the NPCs by standing on their desks isn't good enough, there are some other ways to mess with NPCs that can be a lot of fun. Yeah, we know that Zelda needs help and can't hold Ganon back much longer, but Link has some important things to do!

If you take off whatever armor Link is wearing and walk up to a NPC, many of them will have a pretty hilarious reaction. If they're sleeping in the stable, they'll get mad at Link for bothering them when they're trying to sleep and many of the others outside of the stables will be pretty creeped out that Link is just walking around in his underwear.

7 Visit Lon Lon Ranch

Lon Lon Ranch is a location from the Breath of the Wild series that has appeared in multiple different Zelda games, most notably Ocarina of Time. Lon Lon Ranch is a ranch where Malon and his son Talon live with their employee, Ingo, and horses like Epona and sell Lon Lon Milk.

There are several different locations around Hyrule that eagle-eyed Zelda fans might be able to spot while they're playing Breath of the Wild, but one of the most nostalgic and memorable ones that many Zelda fans manage to miss out on is Lon Lon Ranch. It's located near Hyrule Field Tower and is called Ranch Ruins on the map. It doesn't look as nice as it once did, but it's still there!

6 Steal From A Hinox

Seeing a Hinox for the first time while playing Breath of the Wild is definitely a pretty scary experience. They're huge and they're not easy to take out when you're a new player with some of the lower grade weapons and armor. But as you get better, you realize they're not all that tough and they drop quite a few weapons, making battling against them worth it. But did you know you can steal their loot without fighting them?

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If you sneak up on a Hinox while it's still asleep, you can climb on it and take the weapons right off its necklace without having to fight it. If you're in serious need of a new weapon and don't want to use your arrows on a Hinox, just put on your Sheikah or other stealth armor and get to climbing!

5 Keep Ganon's Horse

There are a variety of different horses that can be tamed and kept in the game. Considering the world of Breath of the Wild is so huge, it can be pretty tough for Link to get around on foot. That's why catching and taming one of the many horses that are roaming around in the fields of the game can be really helpful. There's even one very special horse that players can try to tame if they're up to the challenge.

Head to the Taobab Grassland near Owa Daim Shrine and look around for a minute. Trust us when we say this horse is impossible to miss. Among all the other horses in this area, you'll find one huge horse that's easily double the size of all the others. But be warned, Ganon's giant horse will take a little over two full wheels of stamina to tame!

4 Get Special Deals

The traveling merchants can be found all over the world of Breath of the Wild and sell a variety of different things as well as buying your items for valuable Rupees. Whether you need arrows or ancient parts or you want to sell all those minerals you've been hoarding in your inventory, chatting up one of the traveling merchants that are found roaming around the different parts of the world can be really handy!

And if you're looking to get a special deal on anything that you've been waiting to buy in Breath of the Wild, here's a quick tip: you can get a special deal or special items from the merchants if you catch them when it's raining. Yeah, rain has actual benefits and isn't just there to make climbing those mountains hard.

3 Ride Wild Animals

Any Breath of the Wild player will know that you can get horses all over Hyrule to ride, name, and keep for your own. But what if riding horses around Hyrule just isn't good enough? If that's the case, then you're in luck because horses aren't the only thing that you can have Link ride around Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

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If you see a bear roaming around in the forest in Hyrule, you can have Link hop on its back and ride it around! Unfortunately, you can't take it to a stable in order to save or name it the way that you can with horses, but it's still a lot of fun to ride bears around like this. And if you really need to make a quick escape from your current location, this can be a good way to make it happen.

2 Make A Quick Buck

Rupees are an important part of Breath of the Wild. You need them to buy crucial items like arrows and armor and you need to spend quite a few Rupees to buy the house in Hateno Village. There are a lot of ways to get Rupees but they're not all that easy. But, if need to make some money fast, there's a pretty fast way that you can do that!

Different foods have different effects on Link. Some food helps improve his stamina, gives him more hearts temporarily, or makes it so that he can withstand extreme temperatures for a longer amount of time. If you're in need of some money fast, cook up some really basic food with easy to find ingredients. Then, find a merchant and sell all of it. You won't be buying the entire Radiant Set or paying for that house in Hateno Village this way, but it's a quick way to make money that many players don't consider.

1 Improve Rusty Weapons

There are so many different weapons in Breath of the Wild and while some of them are awesome, we all know that some of them are just sub-par. The fact that weapons wear out so quickly in the game really motivates us to use our weapons and go through them instead of constantly holding onto the best ones for later in the game. But if you find yourself with a rusty sword of any type, don't toss it!

Put on some heat resistant armor and take your weapon up to the Eldin region in the Northeast part of the map and find yourself an Octorock. Toss the rusty weapon out so that the Octorock sucks it up and just wait! They'll spit out a shiny, new weapon that is so much better than the rusty one you were just carrying.

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