10 Things We Can Expect From The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack is a unique new pack for The Sims 4. It’s the first large scale collaboration for the game, although previous versions of The Sims have seen similar collaborations with brands including Diesel and IKEA. It’s also the first stuff pack to bring with it a new career.

The announcement of the pack was not well received initially but many players have been surprised by how much it appears to contain. An early release deep dive from The Sims team has shown us some amazing features.

Here are 10 things we can expect from The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack.

10 Moschino’s Sims Themed Clothing

The Sims and Moschino collaboration was originally announced earlier this year and a capsule collection of clothing released into Moschino stores soon followed. This collection is now also available in-game.

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While simmers have previously been given a couple of items in a free update, the entire collection comes with the stuff pack. This will allow players to see and use all of the plumbob themed items, as well as those with a more retro vibe.

9 Other Moschino Clothing

The Moschino clothing which is included with the pack goes far beyond just the Sims themed clothes. A range of other vibrant, high-fashion items from Moschino’s stores has also been added to the game as well as some more casual pieces.

These items span the full range of clothing Moschino offers, including some everyday items as well as brightly colored stand out pieces, best suited to a catwalk. Some of the items will likely not be to everyone's taste but they will certainly be eye-catching.

8 New Windows And Doors

There are also some build and buy items coming with the pack, including some new industrial-looking doors and windows. The items which have caught the attention of builders are the new curved windows in particular.

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These would fit perfectly in an industrial loft in either San Myshuno or Del Sol Valley. They will also make great windows for a studio, as we can see from images released by The Sims team. The only downside is that the door appears to be slightly shorter than the windows on the inside and no one knows why.

7 Abstract Artwork And Decor

We have also seen a range of abstract artwork and décor. Fitting in perfectly with the industrial loft studio, these vibrant art pieces are a great addition to the game.

There are also some new clutter items, including magazines for coffee tables and new clothing racks with normal clothes on them. There are even new statues and some funky looking lights.

As well as using the art provided you will also be able to create your own, using the new photography improvements.

6 A New Career

The freelance fashion photographer career comes with the stuff pack and offers a range of tasks to complete. Working in a similar way to the existing freelance careers, you can find and complete different assignments to grow your career and earn money.

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Tasks include taking photos of sims wearing specific types of clothing and making edits to images. As with other careers of this type, clients will need to approve your work after you’ve completed it. The career looks fun and engaging, just like the other freelance careers.

5 Flexible Photography Equipment

The new photography studio is far more flexible than the existing one. It includes free-standing lights, which function as you’d expect and are customizable. You can also adjust and change the background, with a choice of 2 types of backdrop.

Both backdrops are available in different colors, offering a choice of backgrounds for your photography session.

Alongside these, there are also some extra pieces of equipment, such as storage boxes, which help you create a studio that looks and feels like the real thing.

4 Photography As A Viable Hobby

The new photography tripod allows all sims to take clear and vibrant images, no matter what their skill level. It’s transportable so you can take your camera and tripod anywhere in the world to set up and take the perfect photo.

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When combined with the new ability to take photos with a much wider angle than ever before photograph feels much more like a viable hobby. Budding photographers don’t need to be in the career to enjoy the changes to the skill.

3 New Photography Poses

As well as more flexibility with angles, there are also more photography poses. The addition of extra poses comes with the pack and makes photography feel more realistic than ever before. Just drop the new marker on the floor and a sim will pose by it.

These new poses bring more life to your photos and are much easier to adjust, with each click generating new poses, meaning you can create unique and interesting images to put on your sims walls. There are also new photo frames, available to all, in which to display your masterpieces.

2 New Photography Subjects

Finally simmers can now enjoy taking pictures of everyone, including larger groups as well as toddlers and even pets. This previously unavailable feature is the final piece in the puzzle which makes photography more in-depth than ever before.

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You can now choose who is in your photos and even set a timer to take a selfie. Those new poses also extend to group shots, and subjects will pose both separately and together in a variety of new ways.

1 Vibrant Colors

The vibrant colors are a theme of this pack. As well as stand out clothing there are also vibrant sofas, chairs, rugs and décor. Even the windows appear to have some bright swatches.

The one thing this pack can’t be accused of is being dull. Bold, eye-catching items are the order of the day and they fit in perfectly with the vibe of the pack as well as some objects we already have, especially those from City Living.

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