New ‘Thief’ Trailer & Images: Talking About a Revolution

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It’s been a busy week at Gamescom, and if you were on the edge of your seat waiting for news about the latest installment in the Thief franchise, then developers Eidos-Montréal have delivered. The new game, a reboot that’s titled simply Thief, finds Garrett returning to the city where he grew up, only to find it torn apart by a tyrannical Baron and a rising revolution.

The new trailer for Thief is called “Uprising,” and focuses on the revolution, the man leading it and the men against whom it is being led. It seems to contain a mix of gameplay footage and pre-rendered cinematics, and generally seems to give a good impression of what players can expect to see in the story.

In the voiceover for the trailer, Garrett sounds fairly angry about what the rich men of the city are doing to the poor, and if we didn’t know him better it might even sound like he’s about to pick up a banner and lead the revolution himself. It would be kind of disappointing if he did – games about reluctant heroes championing the downtrodden masses and overthrowing big bad dictators are a dime a dozen, but games about characters who are only interested in filling their own pockets and having fun along the way are far rarer.

Garrett in the E3 trailer for 'Thief'

If the gameplay video shown at E3 is any indication of the rest of the game, though, this is the same old Garrett as we’ve always had before (aside from the voice). In that mission, Garrett waited until an angry mob was rioting at the gates of Baron Northcrest’s mansion, and rather than joining them decided to use the opportunity to raid the house for valuables. In an age of despair and sickness, there’s something darkly amusing about Garrett stealing from the rich to give to his fence.

Despite the master thief’s track record of self-interest, and weary cynicism, the developer diary for the game hinted that he might end up becoming a lot less impartial as the game progresses. Narrative director Stephen Gallagher described Garrett’s experience of returning to find his city so broken and suffering as “emotionally raw,” so our anti-hero may end up having to act like a hero after all.

Eidos-Montréal has also released two new images for Thief, showing both Garrett himself and the fiery-eyed revolutionary, Orion in high enough resolution that you can count the hairs on Garrett’s knuckles. Take a close look at these two characters below.


'Thief' - Garrett

'Thief' - Orion

Like much of what’s been revealed before, the Thief reboot carries more than a few overtones of Dishonored, Arkane Studios’ stealth action game that was in turn heavily influenced by the original Thief games. The imagery in the “Uprising” trailer strongly echoes missions in Dishonored where Corvo is sent to parts of the city that have been walled off to keep the sick from getting out and bothering the rich and healthy. Thief fans may be in for a lot more muck, grime, poverty and blood, offset against the opulence of the homes that Garrett robs.

The misery in the city stems from the Baron’s obsession with pushing towards an industrial revolution and the discovery of new technology. While this might sound a lot like the mission of the Hammerites, foes of the tree-hugging Pagans, there hasn’t been any indication so far that the old factions will play a significant role in the Thief reboot, or even any evidence that they will be present at all.

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Thief is expected to release in 2014 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.