Unveiled with all the pomp and spectacle of a damp squib, Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement did at least acknowledge the console’s existence. Now with the last of the next-gen Kings crowned, attention turns to which development houses will declare where, for whom and with what titles.

Back in March, Game Rant confirmed that the Thief series would make its long-awaited return on both PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. Today, developer Eidos Montreal added Microsoft’s latest behemoth to that list (check out Thief trailer here). Not to be outdone by the venerable old franchise, Xbox regulars Bungie Studios also announced their Destiny project for the Xbox One, confirming information that was leaked late last year.

Debuting a decade on from the series’ previous installment, Thief returns players to the nameless steampunk setting of ‘The City’, to duke it out with, steal from and sleuth around the game’s various aristocratic enemies. Slipping back into the tippy-toed shoes of franchise favorite Garrett, (along with his controversial new voice) gamers must utilize every inch of whit to unravel a citywide conspiracy and save the medieval-like metropolis from ruin.

There’s no word as of yet on just how Thief plans to incorporate the Xbox One’s already confusing, always-online functionality. However, considering the game’s simultaneous development on current-gen consoles, any changes made are likely to be minimal. Use of the Xbox One’s new Kinect technology also remains up-in-the-air, with the title’s cross-platform design likely spelling doom for any couch-bound cat burglars in training.

In contrast to Thief’s secretive bent, Bungie has been far more forthcoming about their adoption of always-online tech. The studio announced their ‘shared-world shooter’ Destiny back in February, before facing down a SimCity-like backlash over the game’s tech the following March. Oddly enough, they’ve not said anything official yet on a PC version of the title.

The title, Bungie’s first foray onto consoles since 2010’s Halo: Reach takes place on an embattled future Earth, one in which humankind’s rapid expansion across the stars has provoked an unprecedented wave of alien aggression. With mankind on the brink of total annihilation, a mysterious moon like object appears from above, protecting the planet and bestowing unbelievable powers upon humanity’s last protectors.

With plenty of speculation surrounding Destiny’s graphical quality (were those tech demos and screens taken from next-gen consoles?) as well as Thief‘s tumultuous development process, both games are certain to beg questions of gamers right up until their speculative 2014 release dates.

Destiny debuts on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 & PS3 in 2014. Thief sneaks onto PC, PS4 & Xbox One in 2014

Sources: Bungie, Eidos Montreal