New Thief Game in Development to Tie-in with Movie

Square Enix is reportedly working on a new Thief game, if a post from film studio Straight Up Films is to be believed. The studio claims that a fifth game in the series will release alongside a feature film adaptation, which is currently in pre production.

According to Straight Up Films, “a fifth sequel is currently in development to be released in step with this motion picture adaptation.” When exactly the Thief feature film is set to release is unclear; the studio only just announced the project last year.

While Square Enix would not confirm a new Thief game is in development, Straight Up Films seems quite confident that the project is in the works. Whether or not the game will tie-in with the feature film, however, is unclear.

Of course, having a game in development and a film in development doesn’t always mean that fans will ever see a finished product. In fact, most feature film adaptations of video games never get out of the pre-production phase. So it’s just as likely that this film will never get off the ground, but if a game is in development there’s a stronger chance that fans might at least see it, if not play it, at some point in the future.

Thief Movie In Development

Beyond the obvious questions about a new Thief game, many might wonder if Square Enix will look to build off the lead of the 2014 reboot or chart a completely new path. Although the game had a lot of anticipation behind it leading into launch, reviews were mostly mixed, but leaned slightly toward the positive side. The last fans had heard, developer Eidos Montreal was waiting to see how the game was received before committing to a sequel, although the studio clearly had some ideas.

For now, it’s best to treat the Thief 5 news with some skepticism, even if the source seems pretty legitimate. It’s hard to imagine Straight Up Films would make up the news about a fifth Thief game, but what a publisher plans to do and what it actually does isn’t always the same.

That being said, if Square Enix is planning to reveal a new Thief, E3 2017 is coming up.

Source: Straight Up Films

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