‘Thief’ Stories From the City Trailer Goes Into the Gutters

By | 3 years ago 

What we’ve heard so far about Eidos-Montréal’s reboot of classic sneak-and-steal game Thief has indicated that it will bear a number of striking resemblances to Dishonored (which in turn was strongly inspired by the original Thief games), and the latest trailer is no exception.

Following one of the the City’s rats through the gutters and past headlines warning of a mysterious sickness known as “The Gloom,” this latest ‘Stories from the City’ trailer is narrated by a mysterious matriarchal beggar woman called Granny Rags the Queen of the Beggars, who seems to be interested in using Garrett as the means to an end. The chess board motif with the Queen looming over a pawn is only slightly less subtle than a brick to the face, but it’s an interesting trailer that opens up a little more of Garrett’s reinvented world.

‘Queen of the Beggars’ is the second ‘Stories of the City’ trailer to be released for Thief, and doesn’t so much tell its own story as it does foreshadow the events of the game from the perspective of a character other than Garrett. Such was the case with the previous trailer in this vein, ‘Basso’s Gamble’, which you can watch below.

The noir tone doesn’t quite fit perfectly with a game that’s set in a Victorian-ish (formerly medieval-ish) time period, but having some colorful characters thrown into the mix could inject some real life into Thief. This is certainly a difficult game to get the measure of, with some signs indicating that it’s gone astray while others promise some interesting new gameplay mechanics.

If there’s one main gripe to be voiced of Thief‘s plot reveals so far, it’s lot much of it seems to have been done to death already in recent years, especially the revolutionary setting (see also: Assassin’s Creed 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, BioShock Infinite). Even the intriguing draw of a game about an anti-hero with selfish desires is somewhat dampened by the fact that Garrett will become the silent hero of the people in order to save his City.

Still, the promise of a chance to rob, plunder and loot without ever being seen is still enough to stay hopeful for this Thief reboot.

Thief is expected to release in 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.