Things haven’t all gone smoothly for Thief since the reboot from Eidos Montreal was announced, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing Garrett down. Not one to be swayed by public opinion, development troubles or die-hard fans who are resistant to change, this incarnation of the titular thief is all about getting the job done, and taking from the wealthy what they most hold dear.

In the lead-up to E3 2013, a brand new cinematic trailer has been released, getting fans yet another step deeper into the mind of a thief – with closer looks at the clothing, the weapons, and the tools of the trade.

All in all, the new trailer doesn’t show any more than we’ve already seen from the announcement trailer for Thief, with special emphasis on the strategies and weaponry that Garrett will be using to remain little more than a shadow when he’s ‘on the job.’ Nevertheless, it should do the trick in exciting fans who are already looking forward to seeing a full-blown, next-gen reboot of the stealth-focused franchise.

Thief 4 E3 Trailer

It is a bit ironic for Garrett’s closing words to directly address Thief fans (“did you miss me?”), for a few reasons; first, it’s the most devoted of fans who are already up in arms over the casting of a brand new Garrett, and are making their displeasure known. Aside from that budding controversy, there are plenty of reasons to believe that this game will not be a simple successor to the ones that preceded it.

It’s too early to say if that’s a bad thing, since the development team in question has some experience with reinvigorating beloved franchises. Having successfully re-launched the Deus Ex brand with Human Revolution – itself a game that drew plenty of pessimism and concerns prior to release – Eidos Montreal seems to be on a roll, even if the development isn’t going as well as they had hoped, according to rumors.

We’re in no rush, since the prospect of an ambitious stealth action title – now confirmed for next-gen platforms – bearing the Thief name is one that should be worth waiting for. Hopefully the studio will have more to show at E3 2013 than cinematic cut-scenes, but we’ll bring you all the details on Thief and more once the show gets underway.

Thief is assumed to be releasing in 2014 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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