'Theatrhythm Final Fantasy' Supports DLC, Box Art Outs Nintendo Network

Threatrhythhm Final Fantasy 3DS DLC

Nintendo isn't exactly famous for its online infrastructure, but the console manufacturer is taking steps to rectify this. The 3DS is soon going to be able to support DLC, and it seems the first game to support it is going to be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Late last year, Nintendo announced plans to support DLC with the release of Fire Emblem 3DS. However, a recent photo of the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy box art has shown that it too will support the new DLC infrastructure, and it will launch roughly a month before Fire Emblem 3DS.

Downloadable content has become a very taboo subject among gamers. Some believe that it can help add value to a game -- a belief that is supported by developers such as Rockstar Games, who feel that DLC can help to curb used game sales. Other gamers have the opinion that DLC is just a way for publishers to cut content out of a game to be sold back to the consumer at a later date, and that certainly is the case for some games.

Seeing as Theatrythm Final Fantasy is a rhythm-based role playing game, it's hard to guess exactly what the DLC could be. New battle scenarios? New music tracks? In any case, we do know one thing: the DLC won't be free.

Confused about how Threatrhythm Final Fantasy actually plays? Check out the game's "Special Trailer" (Square Enix's name, not ours) below. You may not be less confused by the end, but at least you'll have been entertained!


The game's box art has also outed something very interesting. Namely, the logo for the Nintendo Network. This is the first time we're hearing of the Nintendo Network, so it's not clear whether this is just a re-branding of Nintendo Wi-Fi or a new online system.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Box Art

In a way, it would make sense as a re-branding move; with competitors trying to better brand their online networks, it would only seem logical that Nintendo would do the same. Nintendo Network really rolls off the tongue when compared to Nintendo Wi-Fi. If they're changing names, how about changing the titles of those really vague eShop categories?

Ranters, would you like to see Square Enix bring Threatrhytm: Final Fantasy to North America? What do you think its DLC will be?

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy releases in Japan February 12, 2012, on 3DS. No North American release has been announced.


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Source: Andriasang

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