A world record speedrun of The Witness was recently completed on video, and the victor actually took a break mid-stream to go out and get a fish sandwich.

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness has been making waves since the game was released in January, and many dedicated gamers have successfully found their way through all of the game’s intriguing puzzles. Naturally, a subset of these puzzle-beaters have begun doing speed runs in The Witness, and the unofficial world record has switched hands more than a few times since the game’s release.

A dedicated streamer named FearfulFerret has just set the official speed run record for The Witness (read our review here), and he did it whilst talking a half hour break where he ventured out to What-A-Burger to get a fish sandwich. Upon his return, he completed the puzzle and beat the game in record time. As one might expect, this isn’t actually as ridiculous as it sounds.

Players progressing through the game must complete a puzzle that is rooted within an in-game film, and that film has a run time of 58 minutes. As the movie progresses, an eclipse goes over the screen, and this event must occur before the player is able to continue solving the puzzle. This gave FearfulFerret a solid window of time to use, and boy did he use it well.

Gamers can take a look at his mid-record snack break around 16 minutes and 40 seconds into the video below:

Obviously, players don’t actually need to be doing anything during the film, which happens to be based off of a GDC talk given by videogame developer Brian Moriarty. FearfulFerret has actually never watched the full in-game film, and he certainly wasn’t going change his play style for the record-setting run:

I’ve never waited through this before. I’m excited. I’m literally going to get in my car, drive like 15 minutes to What-A-Burger, get probably a fish sandwich—because I had a burger for lunch—gonna come back here, gonna eat it on webcam, and it’s gonna be delicious. It’s gonna be delicious.

He did exactly that, and then casually set a world record.

Of course, FearfulFerret himself admits that it wasn’t a perfect playthrough, and there is plenty of room for meticulous improvement. There’s little doubt that someone will go and finish with an even smaller playtime, but how may people can say they did it while ordering a fish sandwich? In the end, that’s what really matters, right?

The Witness is currently available on PC and PS4. There may be an Xbox One version on the way too, so Microsoft fans may be able to get their own fish sandwiches sooner rather than later.

Source: Kotaku

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