Now that The Witness has been labeled a success with over 100,000 copies sold, gamers are more likely to take notice. Thekla Inc’s exploration puzzle game has been capturing PC and PS4 players’ attentions for a little over a week, but now that talk of an Xbox One and even mobile versions is in the cards it’s bound to draw even more.

But those who do give The Witness a try may not find the game to be as simple as its minimalistic art design suggest. In fact, the puzzles in The Witness can get downright devious, challenging even the brightest minds and the most unconventional thinkers.

In our previous Witness puzzle guide we covered the Symmetry Laser puzzles, which focused on teaching players how to manage two lines simultaneously. It’s a skill that will serve players further down the line, and can be a little tricky to master if players can’t visualize two pathways at once.

Our next guide for The Witness, however, features a puzzle group that teaches “rules” that will not be as essential down the road as some others, but is quite clever regardless. Check out the video below to see how PS4 Trophies helps players struggling with the Desert Ruins puzzles in The Witness:

As the above video shows, the key to the Desert Ruins puzzles is the viewing angle. For each puzzle there is a clear pathway to follow, but that pathway is only revealed by a light source – be it the sun, a physical light, or even the reflection in water. Once players find the right angle they should see a faint impression etched into the puzzle, showing where to trace.

In some cases, though, the viewing angle and the one necessary to completing the puzzle are not one in the same. For these puzzles we’d recommend using a smartphone to take a picture, or even tracing the pathway using a piece of paper. The solutions can get hard to memorize, so it’s always best to have a reference in case you forget.

While the Desert Ruins puzzles aren’t the most challenging, the section is arguably the most creative and features some very clever puzzle design. Where the rest of the game builds its own logic, the Desert Ruins puzzles are about having a little fun.

With that in mind, we’d hope that players try to solve the puzzles themselves before consulting any guide. There’s something special about The Witness, and solving its puzzles, that helps make the game standout. But, with over 100,000 copies sold, it’s very likely plenty of gamers will hit that brick wall and need a little help.

The Witness is available now for PC and PS4.

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