The Witcher Trailer, Comic-Con Footage Show Cavill in Action as Geralt

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At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Netflix took to Hall H in front of 6,000+ attendees and finally gave fans their first substantial look at The Witcher. In addition to a teaser trailer that is now available online, audience members got to see three scenes featuring each of the streaming series’ main characters, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), and Ciri (Freya Allan).

As an adaptation of the novels by Adrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher Netflix series is going to share some similarities with the CD Projekt Red video game franchise, while also deviating in key ways. The story will still follow the titular Witcher, Geralt, on his adventures and Yennefer and Ciri play major roles in that narrative.

In the trailer, fans can see brief glimpse of Geralt in action, some political drama, a little taste of Ciri’s story, and Yennefer’s transformative struggle as a mage. It may not be CG but by and large The Witcher TV series looks like a Witcher TV series, and that’s all one can ask for at this point.

Without a deep dive into the particulars of the story, there is no telling how certain elements work, but at the very least the show isn’t shying away from the specific details that make up this universe. To that point, the trailer concludes with a look at Geralt under the effects of a decoction (potion) and ready for battle.

Alongside the trailer reveal, The Witcher Comic-Con panel included three separate scenes that highlighted the three actors/characters on-stage. First up was a brief fight sequence with Henry Cavill (Geralt) battling some knights in a castle. It did have a bit of the low budget sword-fighting feel, but Cavill’s movement and the editing/effects work on the scene did emphasize that Geralt is a trained fighter with enhanced agility. It looked like a fight sequence right out of the video game, to be honest.

The Yennefer scene was darker in tone and featured Anya Chalotra giving a monologue to a deceased baby. The scene didn’t give much away in terms of Yennefer’s journey in the series, but it did offer fans a chance to see Chalotra’s acting chops.

And finally, the last scene featured Freya Allan as Ciri wandering in the woods before being surrounded by a tribe of individuals. Like with the Yennefer clip, there weren’t many story hints in Ciri’s scene – just an opportunity to see the actor in motion and to get a sense of the visual palette of the Netflix series.

Visually, the Comic-Con presentation for The Witcher looked like what one would expect from a Witcher show. There was only a brief line of dialogue from Cavill as Geralt so judgment on his performance may need to wait some time, but the physicality of the character seems on par with expectations.

The Witcher premieres on Netflix later this year.

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