The Witcher Netflix Series Reveals First Official Look at Roach

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Since its initial announcement, The Witcher Netflix series has been careful to show fans just enough to get them excited without revealing too many of its secrets upfront. But now that Comic-Con is just a day away and a larger reveal is slated for later in the week, The Witcher is steadily revealing new looks at its many components. This week, the Netflix series finally gave fans a look at Roach, Geralt of Rivia’s reliable horse.

The Witcher star Henry Cavill (who plays hero Geralt) shared the first look at Roach on his Instagram page, further teasing the show’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. Netflix has scheduled a 1-hour block for The Witcher on Friday in Hall H, where Cavill and the rest of the cast are sure to be met with a lot of excited eyes.

As far as Roach’s look goes, the horse looks as most would expect based on the video game series. However, The Witcher is actually adapting the series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski – the same source material that CD Projekt Red used for its games. There are not bound to be too many differences between the show and the games where looks are concerned, but a lot of concessions were likely made in taking the sweeping narratives of Sapkowski’s books and turning them into an episodic series.

For example, in the books, Geralt keeps his Silver Sword (the one for vanquishing non-human foes) on Roach, while in the games he carries both on his back. Coincidentally, this first image of Roach doesn’t show that second sword, which would have put some die-hard fan concerns to rest, but it could be obscured by the framing.

But while images of The Witcher cast are all well and good, the real test will be seeing everything in motion. It’s widely assumed that The Witcher Comic-Con panel will include the first trailer for the show, if not extended scenes as well. There have been some concerns about Cavill’s casting as Geralt but seeing him in motion, and most importantly, hearing his voice could put those to rest. Again, the show is adapting the books, but Geralt’s voice in the games is so iconic that many fans may be expecting Cavill to give his version of that delivery.

Either way, Roach looks like a horse and that’s all fans could ask for out of an image. Hopefully, he doesn’t get stuck on a roof or anything.

The Witcher is set to premiere on Netflix later this year.

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