The Witcher Netflix Release Date Leaked

The news that so many Witcher fans have been waiting for is here, though not on purpose: an official Netflix Facebook account has accidentally leaked the release date for Netflix's The Witcher. Netflix Netherlands has since removed the post, but the team at Redanian Intelligence managed to catch it and quickly spread news of what might be The Witcher's official release date.

It was already known that Netflix was planning a "Q4 2019" release for the show, and the leaked release date may even be a little later than some fans are hoping for. Netflix has been slowly but steadily teasing information about the highly anticipated series, including a good look at The Witcher's main characters, but thus far Netflix seemed to be keeping its release date under wraps.

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Netflix Netherlands' Facebook account made a post about upcoming shows and movies, listing out the number of days left until their release. "The wait is almost over, *so* many nights sleep for these titles," the post read, and close to the bottom of the list: "The Witcher: 97." This means, according to the post, that Netflix plans to release The Witcher on Tuesday, December 17. Whether or not that information is true is another matter, as the post was quickly deleted and Netflix has yet to comment. The date could easily change between now and then, as well.

Most of the listed release dates were already known, however, which supports the idea that The Witcher's supposed release date is genuine. For instance, both the Breaking Bad movie and season 3 of The Crown were named, and the time until their launch (30 and 67 days as of yesterday, respectively) are accurate. If so, fans of The Witcher will be getting their onscreen adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels just in time for the holidays.

All that being said, there's not much to do besides wait for Netflix to confirm or deny the information...and get a little excited in the meantime. The last official update on the show came during San Diego Comic Con, where Netflix shared a pretty awesome-looking trailer featuring Geralt, Ciri, Yen, and even a brief glimpse of Triss Merigold.

So go ahead and set a countdown (unless corrected by Netflix): 96 days and counting until December 17, when The Witcher hopefully hits Netflix accounts everywhere.

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Source: Redanian Intelligence

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