The Witcher TV Series Star Cavill Shows Geralt Scars


Not too long ago, the Chief Content Officer for Netflix, Ted Sarandos, officially revealed that fans should expect the streaming service's televised adaptation of CD Projekt Red's video games and author Andrzej Sapkowski’s books for The Witcher to hit the streaming service in late 2019. With this being the case, it looks as if the project is still in the middle of shooting and overall production. As it so happens, the show's star, Henry Cavill, recently implied as much by sharing some of the prosthetic scars he wears while playing Geralt of Rivia.

According to a post from Cavill on his personal Instagram account, it appears as if Netflix's The Witcher series intends on portraying Geralt with plenty of blemishes and flesh wounds, with the Man of Steel actor showing off a rather nasty-looking prosthetic scar wrapping around his right side. The picture was presumably taken after a day of shooting for the show, as Cavill wrote an accompanying description that reads, "when you take work home with you".

There haven't been too many looks at the British actor that provide a comprehensive idea of exactly how he will be portrayed in the role of The Witcher franchise's protagonist Geralt of Rivia. Several months ago, Netflix showed an official image of him in costume and makeup in front of a black backdrop, while a more recent photo leaked depicting Henry Cavill on-set as the White Wolf. However, that's about all that has been seen thus far.

Speaking of on-set imagery, a set photo for The Witcher recently made its way online that potentially teased one of the locations that the Netflix series intends on using for the show. It seems as if the series' creators have been relying heavily on European locations for the project. For instance, there have apparently been scenes which have been shot in both Spain and Hungary.

All things considered, it will be interesting to see when Netflix intends on sharing a trailer for its The Witcher series in order to give fans a better idea of what they ought to expect from the show. Lauren Hissrich, writer and showrunner behind the Netflix adaptation, has promised The Witcher will provide a mature experience for viewers, but we will have to wait and find out exactly how well the source material will translate to a televised program.

Netflix's The Witcher is set to debut at some point in late 2019.

Source: Henry Cavill - Instagram

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