‘The Witcher 3’ Reveals Official Xbox One Gameplay Footage

By | 1 year ago 

We’re only a week out from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it’s probably safe to say that PC, PS4, and Xbox One players alike are looking forward to playing the open-world RPG. It’s times like this, though, when new gameplay trailers can help hold people over, despite how quickly a week can go by.

Several trailers have been released over the last month that offer new looks at the gameplay of Geralt’s final adventure, but while some are looking at the mechanics, others are taking note of the game’s visuals. If The Witcher 3 has one thing going for it, it’s definitely how it looks. And that’s gorgeous.

PC players were given an opportunity to see the game running on the highest Ultra settings possible, but console players haven’t been as fortunate. In fact, with regards to the Xbox One, specifically, footage from the PC version was shown in a trailer meant to show off the console version of the game. Of course, this particular mistake was spotted, and Xbox fans weren’t exactly happy. Especially if they’re ones that really care about the resolution at which a game runs.

Fast forward to today, and CD Projekt RED has released a brand new The Witcher 3 trailer that not only gives Xbox One players their best look at the game yet, but also reveals what it will be running at. It’s basically to make up for the aforementioned mess-up. As the developer explains in a statement:

“The video you’re now watching is grabbed directly from an Xbox One console. We’ve been working to give gamers an even better experience on Xbox One and, on day 1, we’ll bring you dynamic scaling from 900p to 1080p.

“We’re not much more than a week before launch, but we’re still fighting for every line of code — we want gamers to get the best possible experience we can deliver.”

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Geralt Wildlife

900p scaled to 1080p certainly isn’t the same as a game simply running at 1080p, but it’s better than nothing, and proves that CD Projekt heard the complaints and decided to put in the effort to do right by the fans. That said, the best way to view The Witcher 3 won’t come until next Tuesday, when people can play the game themselves. Nothing can ever compare to that. Not even early Twitch streams.

What’s your take on dynamic scaling, and how it applies to CD Projekt’s upcoming game? Or has resolution never been a big deal for you as long as it runs well?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is already out for some lucky people, but it finally launches, for everyone, on May 19, 2015.