‘The Witcher 3’ Review Roundup: Open World RPG Done Right

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[UPDATE: Game Rant’s Witcher 3 review.]

Every since its official announcement back in 2013, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was poised to make a splash on RPG fans. The series has been a standard bearer when it comes to deep storytelling and involved combat, but The Witcher 3 appeared to be taking those concepts to new heights.

As a result, anticipation for The Witcher 3 is at an all-time high in preparation for its release on May 19th. Sure, the game has been delayed a few times to account for polish, but very soon gamers will be able to go hands-on with CD Projekt Red’s latest sequel.

But, before investing the time, and more importantly the money, many gamers may be curious to know whether The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lives up to the hype. As the last game in Geralt’s adventure, there are a lot of questions about whether The Witcher 3 is a satisfying experience.

Luckily, early reviews for The Witcher 3 have already hit the Net and we’ve compiled those from the more reputable publications around. Here’s what critics have to say about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Games Radar (Tom Senior)

“Sloppy combat and ongoing optimization can’t quite spoil this dark fantasy adventure, set in a stunning world of blood and black magic.”

Score: 4/5

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Destructoid (Chris Carter)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a huge step up from its predecessor, mostly because it manages to tell a more compelling and personal tale. At the same time, that intimate feel is juxtaposed against a gigantic, sprawling open-world adventure that may hit some snags along the way but still comes out on top.”

Score: 8/10

IGN (Vince Ingenito)

“Though the straightforward and fetch-quest-heavy main story overstays its welcome, the option of joyfully adventuring through a rich, expansive open world was always there for me when I’d start to burn out. Even if the plot isn’t terribly interesting, the many characters who play a part in it are, and along with the excellent combat and RPG gameplay, they elevate The Witcher 3 to a plane few other RPGs inhabit.”

Score: 9.3/10

Game Trailers (Daniel Bloodworth)

“After spending more than 100 hours in The Witcher 3, we’re still left with dozens of side quests to complete, enormous tracts of land left to explore, and monsters yet to fight. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a thoughtful, diverse, and frequently awe-inspiring adventure. Its stories are deep and satisfying, unafraid to touch on themes of personal character, presenting players with choices and consequences that aren’t about turning into a hero or a villain. In the end, it’s quite simply one of the best RPGs ever made.”

Score: 9.8/10

The Witcher 3 WIld Hunt - Geralt in Tavern

Gamespot (Kevin VanOrd)

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is otherwise incredible and sumptuous; the little quirks are pronounced when they are surrounded by stellar details. And make no mistake: this is one of the best role-playing games ever crafted, a titan among giants and the standard-setter for all such games going forward. Where the Witcher 2 sputtered to a halt, The Witcher 3 is always in a crescendo, crafting battle scenarios that constantly one-up the last, until you reach the explosive finale and recover in the glow of the game’s quiet denouement. But while the grand clashes are captivating, it is the moments between conflicts, when you drink with the local clans and bask in a trobairitz’s song, that are truly inspiring.”

Score: 10/10

OPM UK (Phil Iwaniuk)

“Tricky one, this. A great game, undoubtedly, but a different game to the one many were expecting. And in an industry that places such enormous emphasis on pre-order sales, the manner in which a game presents itself in the months prior to launch matters. CDP RED did previously state that Skellige wasn’t accessible via real-time travel, but have referred to The Witcher 3 as an open-world game from the start. It’s been equally keen to draw Skyrim comparisons, and was sonorously vocal about games releasing in a sub-optimal state following its most recent delay. It is, simply, hoist by its own petard.”

Score: 4/5

Game Informer (Kimberley Wallace)

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt encompasses what I hope is the future of RPGs. It stands out for its wonderful writing, variety of quests and things to do in the world, and how your choices have impact in interesting ways. Usually something is sacrificed when creating a world this ambitious, but everything felt right on cue. I still think about some of my choices and how intriguing they turned out – for better or worse. “

Score: 9.75/10

Witcher 3 open world - beast

Ausgamers (Steve Farrelly)

“It is in monster hunting (or “Witcher Contracts”) that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt separates itself from any of the games mentioned in comparison. From a checklist point-of-view it has all the hallmarks an open-world game requires: ungated regions, points-of-interest, loot, fast travel, multiple ways to traverse, crafting, dungeons, ever-evolving and engaging main and side-quests along with a cool, calm and collected character capable of kicking ass and getting a haircut (you can get haircuts). His tracking abilities and his measurement of the environment around him, however, empower players to embody a different type of character than one they might have created on their own. He has a history — one known throughout the land, and his ilk is both despised and adored for their profession. “

Score: 10/10

The Telegraph (Phill Cameron)

“There is no saving the world, here, no great evil force pervading the landscape, or a doomsday clock ticking down to inevitable destruction, with only you to stand in its way. The story of Wild Hunt is a personal one, set in a huge and unrelentingly beautiful world. And moving through it in that way makes you feel like a part of it, rather than an honoured guest, all eyes swung expectantly towards you. “

Score: N/A

Although some of the The Witcher 3 reviews acknowledge performance hiccups, most critics seem to agree that the game’s experience is something truly special. With a story that transcends the binary choices of a game like Mass Effect, The Witcher 3, based on these reviews, sounds like it offers something truly deep.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt releases May 19, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.