The Witcher 3: Most Difficult Boss Fights, Ranked

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will not go easy on you. Playing as Geralt, who is contracted to go after and kill various monsters, you will come up against a variety of business and personal enemies that will truly challenge you. Using a variety of weapons and signs (the Witcher magic), you will have to find a way to defeat them, and some are easier than others.

Throughout the game, these are the ten most challenging bosses you'll come up against (with some tips on how to defeat them).

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10 The Griffin

The griffin is the first boss you'll come up against, and this is the only reason it's on this list. If you took it on when you were more used to the controls of the game, it'd be easier, but while you're still learning it can actually be quite the challenge — especially if you aren't playing on easy mode. The Aard sign is particularly effective on the griffin, as is the crossbow that Vesemir gave you minutes before the fight began.

9 Nithral

Nithral is the first member of the Wild Hunt you will come up against, which is your first clue that he's going to be a challenge. Like many of the bosses in The Witcher 3, he has two phases that he'll shift between, so be careful — him being down once does not mean that he's down for good.

He's ranked pretty low on this list because you have the help of Keira Metz. Although she doesn't do much damage to the Wild Hunt member, she can keep him distracted while you take a moment to decide your next plan of attack. Get out of his way, and he'll target the sorceress instead. Handy.

8 Olgierd

When you first meet Olgierd during Hearts of Stone, you may think of him as a friend. Don't.

You will have to fight him, and it's a bit of a tricky one — you should probably at least be into the thirties, especially when playing on one of the harder modes. The trick to defeating Olgierd is to parry him and dodge as much as possible. Don't be tempted to run at him and attack, or he'll just parry your attacks.

7 Iris' Greatest Fear

Olgierd's poor wife Iris... You'll have to face her nightmares, and the greatest of all is when she's surrounded by Ethereals, all of them having Olgierd's face.

The trick to this is to only attack the Ethereal that's coming at you. Many players find this fight extremely difficult because they attack all of them at once, but if you go for one at a time, the others will hang back and the fight will become one after the other. Don't be tempted to smash into them or cast signs everywhere, and you'll be just fine, but like most of the other fights, this takes some patience.

6 Caranthir

Caranthir isn't particularly hard, it's just long, but the cool thing is that you start off fighting him as Ciri and that feels particularly good after what he did to her (no spoilers, because that's a huge one...).

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Just be as patient as you can and this fight should be fine, but it has a particularly satisfying ending. Caranthir will teleport himself and Geralt under water and you can swim to safety and leave him to die. Good riddance, Wild Hunt senior advisor. Rot in hell.

5 Eredin

Eredin has another particularly satisfying cutscene to end him, but don't get too ahead of yourself — just concentrate on the fight. The main tip with the tricky Eredin is not to try and counter or parry him, but just to continuously dodge and hit. It's hard to keep the same level of patience when the enemy's health is only inching down slightly and yours is just draining, but if you get too impatient with any of the Wild Hunt, you're dead and will have to start all over again.

Which, in these long battles, is soul-destroying.

But, good news! He's the last of the Wild Hunt in the game.

4 Imlerith

Potentially the trickiest of the Wild Hunt, but the strategy is much the same — dodge, roll, hit. Don't attempt to parry or counter him, just be patient and chip away at his health. He might look huge and slow, but he's far from it, and there's no blocking him when he comes towards you.

He may not be the last of the Wild Hunt but while you're adjusting to the battles, he can be the trickiest.

3 The Caretaker

The Caretaker is part of the Hearts of Stone expansion, and seems to cause a lot of difficulty for players. But don't panic on this one — you got it. Keep using Quen whenever you can and always kill the spirits he summons before you do anything else. This one might take a few practice runs, but where's the fun in a game you can complete super easily?

2 The Toad Prince

The Toad Prince wins the second place on this list purely because of how much grief he seems to give players that can't work out a strategy against him here. Golden Oriole will be your best asset here, as well as liberally casting Yrden which will get you a couple of free attacks before he can break free of it.

Like so many of the bosses, your best friend is patience. Don't rush it — attack when he's trapped.

1 Dettlaff

If you're playing on Death March, give up now with this Blood and Wine boss.

Just kidding — but seriously, Dettlaff is tricky. He has three phases and the second is by far the hardest when he sends bats at you that seem to take up the whole screen and feel impossible to dodge.

They aren't, though. The trick is to roll right before they hit you, not when he begins to summon them. Dettlaff, at least, isn't actually finished by Geralt, he's finished by Regis, so at least you get some relief right at the very end.

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