‘The Witcher 3’ is More Popular on GOG than Steam

By | 1 year ago 

Without a doubt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a tremendous success, gaining rave reviews and a devoted following. The title has already been lauded by many as the best game in the Witcher series, in spite of a number of bugs and glitches that have caused some players setbacks. In particular, the game’s story and world-building has wowed players, and a game script longer than four novels has been used to great effect.

All of that acclaim has also translated into impressive sales figures for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This week, it was revealed that the title sold a highly impressive 4 million copies over the space of just two weeks. The game’s huge commercial success has already been made apparent on consoles, as The Witcher 3 topped the May PSN charts, beating the likes of Mortal Kombat X and Minecraft in the process.

It was not just the PlayStation charts that The Witcher 3 dominated, either, as the Projekt Red title managed to sweep the top spot for May video games sales across the board. There was, however, a surprising turn of events regarding PC sales of the game. It’s been revealed that the RPG has proved to be most popular with GOG, otherwise known as Good Old Games, as opposed to Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam.

The Witcher 3 GOG Steam

In total, a count of the PC users of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt tallies up to approximately 1.3 million gamers. Of those, 693,000 are playing the title using GOG Galaxy, the distribution site’s downloadable client. That means that over half of the PC users of The Witcher 3 are experiencing the game through GOG Galaxy, leaving the hugely popular Steam system in the dust.

All in all, that’s an extremely impressive coup for Good Old Games, and one that is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows. There are, however, some reasonable explanations as to why GOG Galaxy became the Witcher fan’s go-to method of distribution. Firstly, GOG has been persistent in its refusal to use DRM, a move that has impressed the gaming community and has tied in with Projekt Red’s own thoughts on the controversial copy protection method. With GOG offering up enticing pre-order strategies, including the chance to cut 20% from the price of pre-order deals, it’s no surprise that savvy players chose to take their money to GOG.

The title’s high-flying sales figures are unlikely to come to a stop any time soon, either – particularly with a wealth of additional content on the way. Projekt Red is continuing to make free content for the game, including the likes of new quests and gwent cards, whilst players willing to purchase the title’s ‘Expansion Pass’ will be given the first two Witcher games for free. As it stands, The Witcher 3 looks set to go down as a classic.