The Witcher 3: Every Possible Romance, Ranked

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be an open world, action RPG, but it has a ton of romance too. The main character, Geralt, can't seem to help but draw the attention of women wherever he goes, and as the player, you always have the option to indulge or push them away. Are you going to be a monogamist, or wherever your fancy takes you? Well, you can decide, but you might want to meet the characters first before you make that call.

We've ranked every romance option the player has for Geralt. Some are winners, some aren't really worth it.

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8 The Brothels

In Novigard, there are two brothels: Passiflora and Crippled Kate's. You can pay crowns for Geralt to sleep with women, with Passiflora being the slightly more expensive option.

These are ranked lowest on the list because they literally offer nothing except some steamy interactions for Geralt. So sure, if your goal is to get all the intimacy you can in the game... Go for it. But they don't add anything to the story and will take away crowns you may need for something later, so our advice is to avoid these unless you're really desperate to do every single thing available in the game.

7 Madame Sasha

You need to be good at Gwent for this romance option. Gwent is pretty divisive as it is — some players avoid the game, some are determined to master it. If you complete Gwent: High Stakes, Madame Sasha will boldly ask for half the winnings. It's a tall ask but if you want the romance scene, you'll have to hand them over... So again, this is costing crowns for a character that doesn't do much for the story. Hm. At least she's a little more interesting than the random Novigrad brothels.

6 Jutta an Dimun

Jutta doesn't offer anything for the story either, but her story is a pretty interesting one. She resides on Skellige and is adamant she won't sleep with a man unless he can best her in single combat. The quest Iron Maiden requests Geralt do exactly that, so guess what the outcome is if he beats her...

It's a very Brienne-esque story, and it's a pretty fun idea, so if you want to do this, go for it. At least it'll get you some combat practice.

5 Keira

Keira Metz is one of the early romances you'll come across in the game and although it's entirely optional, this sorceress' quest is fun to play out. At the very end, you can choose to romance her or not. As she's an interesting character who seems a little more present in Geralt's story than random workers in brothels, this is probably a more worthwhile romance option to pursue if you aren't deadset on being loyal to one of the main ladies.

4 Shani

Shani ranks highly simply because romancing her is fun, which can't be said for some of the more intense romances. We meet Shani in Hearts of Stone and attend a wedding with her. Geralt's goal is to cheer her up and if you can achieve this, she says, "You've got me." Intimate scene unlocked. Voila.

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Shani is definitely one of the more adorable romance options and she actually seems to mean something to Geralt — at least, he seems to feel some affection for her beyond handing crowns over to someone for some relations. As Shani is so cute and she and Geralt have some chemistry, she ranks pretty highly on this list.

3 Syanna

Syanna is one of the most interesting characters Geralt has the chance to romance. We meet her in Blood and Wine and she's quickly revealed as a villain by circumstance, a complicated character with many shades of grey to her personality. She's been treated terribly and done some terrible things in response, and she warms up to Geralt quickly if you're willing to show a little empathy towards her.

Her scene with Geralt, if you pursue it, is one of the most bizarre. They have relations in the Fablesphere, floating through the clouds around a beanstalk... and it's pretty graphic as they do so. It's worth it to pursue this romance for the scene alone, even if you don't particularly like Syanna as a character.

And don't worry — if you reject her, she takes it pretty graciously despite being a villain of the expansion.

2 Triss

Triss and Geralt have a lot of history, and she's one of his main options. If you choose to pursue a romance with her and only her as opposed to chasing Yen too, she'll be there for him at the very end of the game and they'll settle down together.

Of course, people have strong feelings on Triss. In the past, she's taken advantage of Geralt's amnesia and though she seems to be a good person at heart, she's made some seriously questionable choices based on her own selfishness. She does seem to love Geralt though, and has a strong fanbase that support his relationship with her far more than they do Yen.

1 Yennefer

Yennefer and Geralt seem to be tied together. Even when they break the magical spell binding them, they're still in love — or, are they? Actually, Geralt can choose to leave Yennefer at that point.

But why would you?

Strong, independent, powerful, Yennefer is the most powerful sorceress in the world and if Geralt chooses her and only her, she'll be there for him at the end too. How could Yennefer not come first on this list, given their shared history?

But be careful — as stated above, if you attempt to romance both Yen and Triss, Yen will abandon Geralt for good. And how can you blame her? The woman has some pride, which just makes her an even greater character. Overall, the fanbase love for Yennefer and the intricacies of her story with Geralt make her the best romance option available.

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