The Witcher 3: 5 Reasons Ciri Was Destined To Be A Witcher (& 5 She’d Make An Awesome Empress)

Warning: There are some serious spoilers ahead for this game! Stop reading now if you don't want to hear any.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt allows three possible endings for Ciri: she can become a witcher and live her life with Geralt hunting down monsters; she can become Empress and rule over Nilfgaard; or she can lost her life to the White Frost. While the last ending is obviously the bad ending, it's hotly contested which of the first two is better. Empress is pretty bittersweet, but it is her birthright — and would she really enjoy the life of a witcher? There are reasons she'd be great at either though.

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10 Witcher: It's Where She'd Be Happiest

Say what you like, but Ciri would be happiest as a witcher. She loves her freedom, spends most of the game on the run but seems to do pretty well for herself and her fiery spirit makes it obvious that she doesn't love being tied to too much responsibility. Being a witcher also means she can hunt down monsters with Geralt, see Yennefer whenever she likes, and it's what she's wanted ever since she was a child. Although the life of a witcher isn't often an easy one, it's one that Ciri seems to wear well. Certainly, if you get this ending, she seems to be very happy at the end of the game.

9 Empress: Some Might Say It's Where She Belongs

But Empress is her birthright. The world of a witcher is one that she chose and wanted, but she was always supposed to be the Empress and no one would ever challenge this if she came into the role.

8 Witcher: She's Good At The Job

She excels at being a witcher. She's already had a lot of practice fighting monsters, even going up against the Wild Hunt with Geralt, and she'd held her own against many enemies in the world. Despite some slip-ups at the beginning of the game when we see her as a child, fully grown Ciri seems to have very little trouble against monsters with her powers. We can just imagine Ciri zipping all over the world and picking up witcher contracts to destroy monsters.

7 Empress: She Has No Problem Having A Firm Hand Where Needed

Being Empress would mean having a firm hand, and Ciri certainly seems to have little problem with this. She can argue back with Vesemir and Geralt, find loopholes where she has to, and it's very clear she has no problem standing up for herself. It goes without saying that she would probably have no trouble having a firm hand where needed over the people she's ruling, and the advisors who stand around her. We can't imagine an empress without a spine would do very well, but Ciri isn't lacking in that area.

6 Witcher: She's Caring

Some might argue that Geralt isn't caring and he does just fine as a witcher, but Geralt does care—he just doesn't show it. Ciri would be a great witcher because she'd actively want to help people with their problems, and would travel around finding the contracts that pose the most danger to people. She'd actually make the world a better place doing this.

5 Empress: She'd Look After Her People

But Ciri being so caring also means she'd look after her people. The empress wouldn't only need to be firm, she'd actually need to have a caring heart if she wanted to do a good job; have her people's best interests at heart. Ciri demonstrates her large heart time and time again over the course of the game, and seems to be far more openly loving than Geralt or Yennefer.

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She might grow out of it — but we hope not.

4 Witcher: She'd Get To Travel

The problem with being Empress is that Ciri probably wouldn't have much opportunity to travel, something she seems to love, being a free spirit. Witchers absolutely have to travel — they move around picking up contracts and although Kaer Morhen is their base, Geralt shows throughout the game that he's never usually found in just one spot.

3 Empress: Kaer Morhen Would Be Awesome Allies If She Needed Help

Although the witchers help out the emperor a lot throughout the game, they would probably hop to it a lot faster if Ciri was in charge. She could bring in some awesome allies if her people were ever in danger, and think of Yennefer being the royal advisor! She would truly be putting Nilfgaard in the most capable hands possible if she took up the position.

2 Witcher: She Belongs With Geralt

But if she was Empress, she wouldn't get to see Geralt as much, as he'd presumably travel around (or perhaps spend some time at home... have you completed Blood & Wine yet?). No doubt he'd make the time to check on her, but those times would probably be few and far between due to the nature of his travel and job. Roach only has so much stamina!

Although Geralt can be cold, he's demonstrated time and time again that he loves Ciri like a daughter and she just may belong with him. They need to look out for each other.

1 Empress: People Would Love Her

But if she was Empress... people would adore her, and it's unlikely her rule would be questioned. Not only is it her birthright, but it's unlikely that most would ever have a reason to contest her position of power. She's fierce but loveable, and has shown her skill against enemies like the Wild Hunt. Capable, powerful, likeable? Ciri is the whole package, and let's be honest, if you don't get the ending where she takes up this mantle, they'll never find another ruler quite like her.

So overall, what does she suit — Empress? Witcher? The truth is, the people would be lucky to have her as Empress but for the sake of her happiness, she's probably better off witchering.

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