The Witcher 3: 8 Things Most People Miss During Blood & Wine

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has two expansions: Hearts of Stone and then the slightly longer Blood and Wine.

Although Blood and Wine can be accessed after a certain level, it's best to save it for the very end of the game. Not only is it the longest expansion, but there's a chance to really wrap up Geralt's journey through the games in what seems like a very neat, final way, and it has a satisfying story to see you off.

So if you made it as far as this expansion — then yay! But Even those seasoned players who've spent hours wandering through the Witcher world and exploring the lands miss a lot in this expansion, simply because it's so big. If that's you, maybe you should read through this list and see the worthwhile things you may just have missed out on in Toussaint.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

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8 The Land Of A Thousand Fables

There will come a point when the Beast and other vampires are attacking Beauclair and Geralt is given a choice to go after Syanna, who has broken free from prison, or pursue another quest.

Though most people will be tempted to stay in the present, the Fablesphere is very worth visiting. A land dreamed up by Anna Henrietta and Syanna, it's a fairytale land with some very interesting creatures and characters — many of which will be familiar to even the player from their childhood. Syanna even mentions having stumbled across Prince Charming when you find her, commenting that she now wields his sword as, "he won't be needing it any longer."

Dark, Syanna.

7 Retrieve Syanna's Ribbon While There

While in the Fablesphere, there will be an NPC who has stolen Syanna's ribbon. Syanna claims it is hers and the girl will tell Geralt he can have it for five hundred crowns or if he beats her in a game of Gwent.

Although it's very tempting to leave this — the ribbon seems to hold no significance but sentiment to Syanna, who hasn't been very nice to Geralt thus far — you should take it if you want any chance at a happy ending. The ribbon will end up saving Syanna when the vengeful Dettlaff attempts to murder her and although Syanna is villain enough to deserve death in the opinion of any, she actually shows a much softer side if Geralt chooses to get the ribbon for her. Play a round of Gwent if you think you're good enough to beat the girl, or just play it save and give her the crowns she's asking for.

Or don't, if you aren't particularly concerned about a happy ending.

6 Creating & Decorating A Home

Most people miss this simply because it's at the end of the story, or they didn't make the right romance choices along the way. If you complete the whole game and play to the end of Blood and Wine, Geralt will be given an actual home he can decorate and return to. And if you made the right romance choices, Yennefer or Triss will always be waiting there for him whenever he returns.

If you attempted to romance both ladies, though, neither will live with Geralt and both will have abandoned him. So when you're earlier in the game, if you want a steady companion at the end, make sure you only pick one.

5 The Hermit's Five Quests

Near Corvo Bianco (slightly west), there is a Hermit. His quests are completely optional, and will seem utterly vague — but you may have completed some of them already, and the rest are utterly doable. Don't be tempted to skip this because of the utter ridiculousness of his requests. They can be completed and, once they are, they'll lead you to something very special.

4 Aerondight

Those who are already familiar with the world of The Witcher before this game will know of The Lady Of The Lake. If all quests are completed, don't forget to return to the Hermit, who will take you to her. Bet you didn't expect her to appear in this game!

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She will gift Geralt Aerondight which is, quite simply, the best sword in the game. Of course, by this point, you may have beaten most of the bosses, but it's a worthy weapon to have if you want to do anything post-game (or start New Game+, which is awesome with this sword in hand).

3 The Tesham Mutna Armor Set

La Cage au Fou is a quest you'll come across that'll give you a chance to earn this armor set — and it's pretty neat, since it comes with a sword! The only chance you'll have to earn this armor set is during this quest, so check out the guide linked and make sure you do everything in your power to attain it. Especially if you're someone who likes to collect everything possible in the game, and this one is very missable.

2 The Weirdest Romance

Play your cards right in the Fablesphere mentioned above and you'll have the chance for a romance with Syanna. Be generally empathetic and understanding, validate her when she asks, and she'll pursue Geralt before they leave this weird world. And the scene that plays out is about as weird as the world surrounding it, considering they get intimate in the clouds and essentially float while having their relations.

It's weird, but it's worth seeing if only for that. And don't worry — Yennefer doesn't find out. This isn't like Triss, so if you want to have the romance, go right ahead. It won't affect your perfect ending, regardless of which main lady you decided to focus on.

1 More Thorough References To The Books

Those who've read the books will notice some references to them in this expansion more than Hearts of Stone. Geralt and Regis have a conversation towards the end about their time that took place during the books, and those who've read them will look back fondly at the characters. What seems to be a friendly exchange to those who've only played the games will mean something much deeper to the book readers.

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