The Witcher 3: The 10 Best Silver Swords, Ranked

Of all the weapons you use in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt perhaps most useful are the silver swords. These weapons are intended for the slaying of mythical, mystical, and magical beasts. While steel swords will carve through human enemies silver swords will cut down any fearsome creature of legend.

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There are a lot of swords to choose from and should be based on your chosen playstyle and the monster you face. But for general use you should strongly consider one of the silver blades listed below to fulfill your contracts.

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10 Bloodsword

Found as hidden treasure in Boxholm, the Bloodsword is a solid choice for taking down tough beasts or if you’re underleveled for the challenge ahead. It deals 227 to 277 damage every hit and raises critical hit damage and the chance of landing a critical.

But the sword’s main benefit is the added chance to cause bleeding and dismemberment. Bleed will deal damage over time making spongier foes fall faster and dismemberment is always helpful. It’s a great sword to attack a few times until the bleed effect kicks in and then back off and play defensively while the bleeding does its charm.

9 Naevde Seidhe

There are actually three ways to obtain this sword; by finding it in a Monster’s Den in Kaer Gelen near the Miner’s Camp, by completing the quest For Fame And Glory, and by finding one in the Ancient Crypt at Ard Skellig.

It’s the ideal sword for players that rely heavily upon signs as it boosts the intensity of Igni and Yrden signs. It also has a chance of causing stagger, which can be useful for getting some distance to cast signs or retreat if need be.

8 Griffin Mastercrafted

This is the first Witcher set the player is likely to encounter in the game and is very powerful, even if it is weakest of the four sets. The diagrams are in Kaer at Ard Skellig.

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It can be obtained in its weakest form early on and upgraded as you go making it a solid sword from the early parts of the game until mid to late game. At mastercraft state it has a static damage of 410 with a critical hit damage bonus, experience gain bonus against monsters, and a boost to sign intensity.

7 Feline Mastercrafted

Like the Griffin sword the Feline silver sword can be obtained early on and enhanced over time to be a powerful weapon. Its diagram is found in the ruins of Est Tayiar behind a secret wall. The sword at masterclass state deals the same 410 damage as the Griffin.

Where it differs, and why it’s better, is that it also has a chance to cause bleeding, increases Aard sign intensity, and grants experience gains from monsters. Instead of relying on criticals for occasional spurts of damage, it gives steady results with bleeding and improved sign damage.

6 Ursine Mastercrafted

One of the strongest of the four Witcher sets, the Ursine silver sword provides great damage and helpful abilities. At Mastercrafted state it deals 373 to 457 damage.

Where this weapon shines is in the perks. It grants a boost to critical hit chance, a 10% chance at dismemberment, an incredibly useful 20% boost to monster experience gain, and the piece de resistance is a boost to Adrenaline gain. The longer a fight goes with this sword the more likely you are to kill them in one blow.

5 Harpy

The Harpy sword is very simple compared to others on this list, but that simplicity is one of it’s greatest strengths. It has an incredible base damage of 475 making it a powerful sword on that fact alone and capable of tackling most foes in the game.

But it also has the benefit of providing a 14% chance of causing bleed. A dozen or so swings and if your enemy is still standing they have a good chance of being inflicted with bleed that will siphon off the last of their health points. This sword is great for long brutal fights with tough foes.

4 Wolven Mastercrafted

The strongest of the Witcher sets is the Wolven, surprise, surprise. It’s only available if you have the DLC and is found inside the Termes Palace near Beauclair. At Mastercraft state it deals a stunning 472 to 576 base damage.

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It has a boost to sign intensity, gives a boost to Adrenaline gain, has the familiar boost to monster experience point gain, but setting it apart from the others is a chance to cause bleeding. It’s basically the other Witcher sets wrapped into one with a nice bonus on top.

3 Tor Zireal

As impressive as the Wolven silver sword is it pales in comparison to the top three. Tor Zireal is found behind Kaer Muire and has a base damage of 555 to 679. What’s even more incredible about this sword are the stunning special effects.

It provides +50 to Vitality making you a lot more resilient to dying and each sword swing has a 20% of causing Freeze. Basically you do ridiculous damage while taking ridiculous amounts of damage and wait for the enemy to freeze before hacking them to death.

2 Tlareg

Found in the northern part of the Kaer Muire fortress this weapon quickly outclasses the one above in terms of raw DPS and farming potential. It has a base damage of 692 to 846 allowing you to one hit many of the weaker enemies in this game.

The perks gives you a bonus to Igni sign intensity, that familiar chance of causing freeze although it’s less than the Tor Zireal at 12%, but it provides a handy boost to experience points gain which you’ll need to climb the higher levels.

1 Aerondight

The single most powerful silver sword in the game is also easily the most powerful sword in the game, period. The Aerondight is reserved for those who complete the complicated and nuanced There Can Only Be One quest to prove you are destined to hold this sword, again.

It deals 508 to 620 base damage, but each successful consecutive hit boosts the damage by 10% for a max of 100%. Once at full charge it also gets a 100% chance of dealing a critical, so your damage is doubled and then doubled again. But even more absurd is that when you kill an enemy at full charge the base damage is increased by two and every time you level up the max damage allowed goes up by 10. It’s a sword that deals quadruple damage in battle (assuming you don’t get hit) and grows with you in power.

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