'The Witcher 2' Xbox 360 Developer Diary: The Beginning

The Witcher 2 Developer Diary The Beginning

CD Projekt RED wants fans of the The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings to know that the Xbox 360 version is going to be not just some simple port to make money off of.

The Xbox 360 adaptation of The Witcher 2 is something the company built from the ground up and very specific to the console. In fact, CD ProjektRED has released the first developer diary discussing the process in which The Witcher 2 finds itself on Xbox 360.

With The Witcher 2 coming out in mere months, releasing in April, in fact, now might be a good time to get your pre-orders in for the title. The pre-order bonuses that will be with the game aren't anything to slouch at, neither is the expensive looking Dark Edition of the game. The PC edition has been out for some time and has been reviewed by us and it's definitely something to check out, if the chance presents itself. However, should waiting for the console version be more applicable, The Witcher 2 is going to deliver.

The first developer diary (seen below) talks about the mentality and attitude CD Projekt RED has put into bringing The Witcher 2 to Xbox 360. There's talk of re-writing entire game features and behind the scenes code. Combat has been tailored with a controller in mind, over 3+ hours of additional content has been added, and the developer has promised the final title will be one of the best looking games on Xbox 360. Take a look at the developer diary and see what there is to see. It's important to note that all footage seen in the video is from the Xbox 360 version.


PC players of The Witcher 2 will be happy at that last announcement of all content coming to their platform as well. This is exactly how cross platform support should be run - albeit not taking this long. There are other games, like Skyrim, that haven't handled PC/Console ports very well and while it doesn't take away from the experience entirely, the differences are more obvious.

So, will you be picking up The Witcher 2? Excited to see a fleshed out, colorful, and in-depth story presented to you?

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings releases April 17, 2012 for Xbox 360 and is available now for PC.


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