'The Witcher 2' Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled

Earlier, it was established that the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings would be getting special editions of the game at release. Yes, there's no mere layman version of this game, The Witcher 2 comes as an Enhanced Edition and for those who are willing to shell out a bit more money, there is also a Dark Edition that will be available for purchase. Here's what you will be receiving in each particular release of the game.

CD Projekt RED's very excited to bring The Witcher 2 to the Xbox 360 and definitely has some cool stuff to reward players who feel the need to dive wholeheartedly into the experience. There will be pre-order bonuses available from the big three video game retailers: Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon. Like always, each retailer will be including their own pre-order bonus that will be different from their counterparts and it's up the consumer to make the choice as to where to buy from. The prices for the Enhanced Edition is $59.99 and the Dark Edition has no set price yet, but $79.99 might be a good guess.

Unlike other games, each retailer actually has a pretty cool bonus that doesn't feel one-sided. Best Buy will be providing a t-shirt, GameStop will be providing a wolf head keychain (the symbol of a Witcher), and Amazon will be including an exclusive digital comic book.

As mentioned earlier, every "regular" retail copy of the game will be the Enhanced Edition, which will most likely be an adapted 2.0 version of the title. Within the Enhanced Edition of the game, fans will automatically receive an original game soundtrack with in-game music, a map of the game's world, and a quest handbook.

In addition to everything the Enhanced Edition has to offer, anyone going for the Dark Edition will also be receiving:

  • A making-of DVD, including all cinematic cutscenes in the game, trailers, developer diaries, gameplay footage, and a making-of documentary covering The Witcher 2.
  • A Witcher medallion. The wolf head medallion will be included with a chain. Unfortunately, it will probably not reverberate at the hint of magic in the air.
  • 232-page Artbook which covers concept art, renders, graphical assets, and explanations for all.
  • Three stickers, because who doesn't love stickers?
  • Dark Edition Box to contain all of your goodies.

For a more visual representation of what each set will include, peruse the gallery below.

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The Witcher 2 is not a game to be missed because of its relative obscurity in the console world. It certainly is one of the best action-RPG's around, as per our review, and it is one of the most challenging and graphically appealing games, as well. Should the interest in the title be piqued, there is also 20 minutes of the beginning of the game available to view.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings releases on April 17, 2012 for Xbox 360 and is available now on PC.


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