‘The Witcher 2’ Patch 1.1 Coming Soon, Details Released [Updated]

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No game launch is without its share of hiccups and glitches, especially when dealing with a story and environment as complex and expansive as that featured in The Witcher 2. In case your experiences with the game have been somewhat disrupted by technical problems so far, you’ll be happy to know that developer CD Projekt Red is expecting to release its first of many updates, Patch 1.1 later tonight.

[Update: CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the patch is complete, but still unable to be launched due to problems with the server infrastructure. The team is working on a solution to the problem, and will keep us updated when the patch goes live.]

The more complicated and refined a PC game seems to be these days, the more ways there are for bugs to ruin an otherwise engrossing experience. From frame-rate issues to problems accessing The Witcher 2‘s free DLC, the recent launch of CD Projekt’s sprawling RPG has managed to be a successful one despite a few technical problems.

You can’t blame someone for releasing a game that wasn’t complete devoid of problems, but the developers of The Witcher 2 are wasting no time in fixing as many problems as possible as fast as possible. We didn’t doubt CD Projekt Red’s commitment to their PC fans, and the team has clearly been hard at work, announcing that Patch 1.1 is almost finished internal testing, with a release hoped for this evening.

They’ve detailed the problems that Patch 1.1 will be addressing on their site, but also explain that they are hard at work on the next patch already, so if you’re experiencing problems that aren’t mentioned in the following list, don’t panic.

Take a look at the details of Patch 1.1 for yourself:

  • Simpler and more reliable game installation and activation. Details to be revealed soon.
  • Fixed the free Troll Trouble DLC download. It is now included n the patch so there’s no need to download and install it separately.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from downloading other free DLCs (the ones given out with some pre-orders, special promotions, etc). The launcher now properly refreshes the list of available DLCs and allows for installation.
  • Performance improvements: approximately 5% to 30% better framerate and faster game loading for many users, depending on their individual systems and game versions. Owners of retail versions can expect the biggest improvements.
  • Fixed random crashes occurring on some systems, especially after saving and loading saves.
  • Key mapping — allows the arrow and number keys to be used for movement.
  • Added the option to invert the mouse.
  • nVidia surround vision now works properly.
  • More accurate assessment provided by the “auto-detect settings” option will help improve game performance.
  • Removed a bug that prevented completion of the “Blood Curse” quest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the additional link in “Extras” from being unlocked after winning the dice game against the GOG.com monk.
  • GOG.com credits now work properly.

The patch is set to go live this evening barring any further delays, and will be available for all copies of The Witcher 2, both retail and digital. The update is not compatible with Russian versions of the game, but the developers are aware of the problem and working on a solution.

CD Projekt Red’s Thomasz Gop had made it clear when asked about a console release in the company’s future that the PC’s release was the company’s first priority, and their prompt response to the glitches and bugs of the game should prove to PC fans that he wasn’t kidding.

So while console owners may be holding their breath for a possible console release announced at E3, you PC fans can obviously look forward to a gaming experience being made smoother and smoother over the coming months.

Are there any serious problems that you’ve run into playing through The Witcher 2? Have any suggestions for the developers on what to address with the next patch?

The Witcher 2 is available now for the PC.

Source: TheWitcher.com