The latest game in the open world RPG genre, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, has now officially launched for the PC. The anticipation has been building for CD Projekt Red’s sequel for months, and after a relatively disappointing display earlier this year from Two Worlds II, Geralt and Co.┬áhave got a lot of expectations to bear.

While you patiently await our review (coming very soon), CD Projekt Red has released five enticing launch trailers along with the first batch of free downloadable content and news of more to come. If all this just isn’t cutting it for you, a noble soul has recorded the first twenty minutes of the game and uploaded it to YouTube for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Although the video does not contain much actual gameplay, you will become reacquainted with Geralt of Rivia and introduced to the other headlining characters that will be trekking through the vast world of Temeria with you.

Take a deep breath, because these are easily some of the most impressive graphics any PC game has been able to pump out this generation.

Warning: The following video contains mature language and nudity.


The previously released screenshots do not do justice to this game in motion. It takes a monster of a computer to handle this game on any graphics setting, but the benefits are readily apparent. This extended look at the game also effectively sets the tone for what looks to be a dark and violent tale, but one with a defined sense of humor, which is evidenced by the first easter egg players have managed to uncover.

There are a few graphic glitches and frame rate hiccups throughout the video, but nothing to cause any real alarm. Considering just how graphically intensive this game is, it might be quite a challenge to port The Witcher 2 over to consoles without lowering the visual quality of the game. Either that, or we might have to expect what is beginning to become the norm in the gaming industry: a whole load of bugs.

We have some time before CD Projekt Red will begin focusing on the consoles though, so for now, tell us what you think of everything you’ve seen so far relating to The Witcher 2, and stick around for our review in the next few days.

All 20 minutes of this video, and countless more, are available in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, available now for PC.