While The Witcher 2 may have appeared on the radar of many gamers who had never previously heard of developer CD Projekt Red, the studio has more than proven itself both in terms of story and their proprietary game engine. The studio is set to unveil their new RPG tomorrow, but the first teaser image of the game shows a setting much less Witcher, and much more science fiction. Also, guns!

It’s been quite some time since CD Projekt confirmed that they were working on two RPG games for multi-platform release, and while The Witcher 3 is all but confirmed, there’s been little information on what the other franchise would be. The studio’s announcement for tomorrow was briefly suspected to be a console release for the original Witcher – a prospect buoyed by the outstanding performance of The Witcher 2 (read our review).

Now, much to the chagrin of fans of RPGs that originated on PC, that’s been flat out denied. To make the denial that much more believable, CD Projekt has released the first concept image from the new RPG they will be announcing. Facts and story will need to wait for the official reveal, but one image is more than enough to show that the team is headed in a brand new direction:

Witcher 2 Devs New RPG Teaser Image

While mohawks, leather jackets and neon lights aren’t exactly a sign that the developers are planning to completely redefine the science fiction genre, this image is worth getting excited about. Due in no small part to the shortage of top-quality sci-fi RPGs of late, and our biggest hope for the genre, Prey 2 being met with delays and turmoil. The most recent RPG to make serious money off of the genre was Mass Effect 3…so seeing another team that is committed to role-playing and player choice above all else is reassuring for several reasons.

If the mysterious figure in the picture does, indeed, have a cybernetic left arm as he appears to, there’s even a possibility of the game dealing with some of the technology and drama witnessed in last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If nothing else, having a team that so capably delivered a fantasy role-playing experience move into the future is worth paying attention. Needless to say, we’ll be awaiting more details.

Fans who were hoping to see a follow-up to The Witcher 2 need not worry though, as the studio has previously explained how committed they are to continuing that universe through sequels or other means. And while CD Projekt Red may be viewed as a PC developer, if they release this mysterious RPG on all platforms simultaneously, they could take large steps forward in the console market. From their last outing on the Xbox 360, we’d say they’re more than up to the task.

What does the teaser image communicate to you? Is this the development team that modern sci-fi needs to deliver an RPG that does the genre justice? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

When CD Projekt Red unveils more information on the new series, we’ll bring it to you.

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