Rockstar Games adds yet another game to the growing list of PS2 titles playable on PS4, as The Warriors is now available on the platform with enhanced graphics.

This week has been an exciting one for fans of classic titles from Rockstar Games. Not only is Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One backward compatibility, but PS2-era beat ’em up The Warriors has also received a new-gen console release, with a slightly upgraded version of the game now available for PlayStation 4.

The Warriors joins previous Rockstar Games titles such as the Grand Theft Auto trilogy in the PS2 on PS4 lineup of games, and comes with similar enhancements. It features 1080p visuals, trophy support, shareplay, remote play, activity feeds, and players can even read the game manual on a PlayStation Vita or a device with the PlayStation App downloaded. Beyond these bells and whistles, The Warriors is basically the same game that released on PS2 in 2005, so fans shouldn’t go in expecting any new content.

It may seem random to some for Rockstar to suddenly re-release The Warriors for PS4, but the timing actually makes sense. It just so happens that The Warriors came to PS4 on the same day that a new Warriors TV series project was announced for Hulu. Captain America: Civil War helmers Joe and Anthony Russo are involved with the TV project, which should generate additional interest.

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With a Warriors TV series on the way and Rockstar Games bringing the original video game adaptation to PS4, perhaps this will renew interest in the franchise. After all, The Warriors was a popular novel, as well as a theatrical cult hit, and – besides an ill-conceived XBLA release – it has been mostly a success in other mediums as well, with Rockstar’s effort earning positive reviews.

These strong critical reviews helped The Warriors sell well when it first launched 11 years ago, enough that Rockstar was even developing a spiritual successor to the game at one time, called We Are the Mods. If the re-release on PS4 is a sales hit, Rockstar might consider revisiting We Are the Mods on new-gen consoles, or may even look into regaining licensing rights to The Warriors IP from Paramount Pictures to make a direct sequel. This is, of course, purely wishful speculation on our end.

Potential for sequels aside, with the release of The Warriors on PS4, the bulk of Rockstar’s PS2 games are now on the platform. Some notable titles, such as the Midnight Club games and Red Dead Revolver, have yet to make it to the service, but if rumors of a new Red Dead game are true, the latter may come to PS4 to capitalize on its announcement. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if The Warriors does well on PS4, and if the game is as solid of a brawler as it was at the time of its release.

The Warriors is now available on PS4.

Source: GameSpot