Aliens: Colonial Marines is a perfect example of a game that wasn’t able to hold its own on release. It’s a game that promised something that just wasn’t there in the final retail version. The War Z however, is a game that took this problem and magnified it to an entirely new level.

The title was released on Steam on December 17th 2012 and within the month was pulled off because of false advertisement claims and serious quality concerns in the Steam forums. Valve even offered refunds to those who bought the game as to, hopefully, amend the problem.

Nearly two months later and the game has been re-released on the Steam platform with some major improvements. Hammerpoint Interactive has been working with steam to vastly improve the game and get it in working order. The refund period for the game has expired as The War Z now holds true to the features it listed on its product page.

The War Z is now available for purchase on Steam. Valve and Hammerpoint Interactive collaborated to address community feedback, update the Steam store page, and make the title available for purchase worldwide. In addition, a patch has been released to update existing customers. As such, the special refund offering extended for The War Z Steam customers who previously purchased the title has concluded.

From the Community Manager:

“We have been hard at work throwing some big changes into the game over the last months and are excited at the chance to be a part of Steam once again.”

The War Z is still under scrutiny for its seemingly unethical micro transaction practices and its questionable banning of users who bash the game on their forums. Valve seems to be giving Hammerpoint Interactive the benefit of the doubt here, but we hope players who are interested, now get what they want from the title that once seemed promising.

The game is still receiving negative reviews even after the update and some players are still vocal in bashing it on its forums. There’s always the DayZ standalone game to look forward to, but that could be a while.

Are you a fan of The War Z, available now on PC, or would you rather play the DayZ ARMA II mod? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Steam, Hammerpoint