Back when TellTale GamesĀ showed the game off at Comic-Con, and even after they announced a release date for the first episode, there were still a lot of lingering questions regarding their adaptation of The Walking Dead. Chief among those concerns, or the element that we were most curious to see, was the gameplay.

TellTale has always been a studio focused on interactive storytelling rather than visceral gameplay mechanics, most recently illustrated by Jurassic Park: The Game, but The Walking Dead property has always been a product that delivers both bloody action and intense character moments. Which made us wonder how TellTale was going to strike a balance between the two, and pay homage to a comic book that is already being adapted on the small screen?

Well, we finally have somewhat of a clearer answer now that the first gameplay trailer for The Walking Dead has been released to IGN. It still doesn’t reveal that much about the game, but it does show it in action, or more accurately in motion.

The action itself is still pretty non-existent in the trailer, making fans that were hoping for a more traditional shooting mechanic grit their teeth again. What the game does show through its trailer, though, is a clear dedication to preserving the tone of the source material, even without being a true adaptation.

Check out the trailer, which starts at around 8:50, below:


One of the biggest standouts from this brief slice is how perfectly TellTale has captured Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s style. This is The Walking Dead in motion; there is no doubt about that.

Still, it would be nice to see more of The Walking Dead‘s gameplay in order to better understand what TellTale has cooking up this time around. Interactive storytelling can fit perfectly into this property, and there are some brief glances of the story beats that exist outside of “the walkers,” but until they show it there will continue to be questions about the game itself.

What do you think of the first trailer for The Walking Dead? How true to the comic book’s spirit do you hope this adaptation will be? (i.e. would you like to see more action elements or character moments?)

The Walking Dead releases its first episode in April for the PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360, and iOS Devices.

Source: IGN