Telltale Games Wants More 'The Walking Dead' Seasons

Telltale Talks Walkind Dead Sequel

Even though we haven't even reached the halfway point in Telltale Games' first "season" of Walking Dead episodes, the developer has hinted at the possibility of more. Thus far gamers have seen the release of two spectacular Walking Dead episodes, A New Day and Starved for Help, with a third one titled Long Road Ahead slated for release some time in August.

Beyond just being pitch perfect examples of the types of gameplay experiences Telltale does best, The Walking Dead episodes released thus far have been of a quality that any fan of the series would be proud of. The assumption, though, was that after the final episode in the series was released Telltale, or more specifically the developers working on The Walking Dead, would move on to another property. However that may not be the case.

According to Telltale's Senior VP of Marketing, Steve Allison, the first episode has sold nearly 1.7 episodes "with no signs of slowing down." The second episode (read our review) has only been available for about two weeks now, so it's probably too soon to start talking sales numbers for that iteration.

Given that tremendous success, Telltale wants to keep things going, and plans to first release the entire first season as a retail compilation. It's a typical thing for Telltale, one most recently employed with the Back to the Future adaptation they worked on.

But beyond just a retail release of The Walking Dead season one, Allison hopes that the developer can one day work on future Walking Dead projects, like maybe a second season. In fact, Allison stated plainly "this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do."

Clearly, given the success of the first episode, Telltale would like to keep this Walking Dead ball rolling, but knowing that a sequel is in the cards potentially undermines the appeal of the current series. One of the downloadable game's biggest strengths is its ability to present the player with extremely tough choices, choices that oftentimes lead to the deaths of major characters.

My assumption has always been that at one point, most likely during the game's final episode, there would be the potential for any or all of the game's main characters to die. If Telltale were to skew the story to leave room for the a sequel that would be a real shame. At the same time, though, the thought of more Walking Dead is in no way a bad thing.

Would you like to see more of The Walking Dead after this first season? Should Telltale instead transition the success of these games into acquiring other exciting properties?

Source: Polygon

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