There are quite a few positive sides to episodic video games, a format that is becoming increasingly popular as gamers become more and more attracted to digital distribution platforms rather than buying physical copies of games.  The average video game will run the same length of time as a season of a TV series, rather than a feature film, and so episodic release can be advantageous for developers who want to tell a story in several chapters.

Episodic gaming also has some benefits for the players, providing gameplay in healthy 2-hour chunks and also giving them the opportunity to buy just the first episode to see if they enjoy it, rather than getting the whole lot at once. One of the downsides of paying for a full season up front, however, is having to wait an indeterminate and often drawn-out time for the next episode. Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is out tomorrow, but it’s been a long four month wait for players who are impatient to find out what happens next.

Now another Telltale Games title is apparently nearly ready for its next installment. Telltale has announced on Twitter that episode 2 of The Walking Dead‘s second season is “just around the corner” and promised more information soon. The new trailer for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 was announced less than a week before its set release dates, which in turn were announced less than a week in advance, so if The Walking Dead follows a similar pattern we could see a trailer and a release of season 2, episode 2 in quick succession.

The Walking Dead - still not bitten

The announcement was accompanied by the above image of The Walking Dead season 2’s slightly older and tougher Clementine with her defiant statement: “Still. Not. Bitten.” Game Rant reviewed the episode, “All That Remains,” and we highly recommend it to anyone who fell in love with the game’s first season.

Clementine – who was previously in the guardianship of season 1’s protagonist, Lee – has taken center stage as the playable character of season 2 and has already faced down a multitude of struggles and dangers in her quest to survive the harsh world of zombie-ridden America. “All That Remains” ended on a tense cliffhanger and we’re very excited to find out what happens next.

Share your thoughts on Telltale’s release schedules in the comments: do you enjoy the anticipation that builds up between each episode, or would you rather just get each season in one big chunk?

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 is right around the corner… or so we’re told.


Source: Telltale Games