Telltale Games reveals the release date of the second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne, with part two of the title expected to hit stores on March 29.

Although Telltale Games has developed a number of hugely popular series, the developer is still probably best known for its breathtaking adaptations of The Walking Dead. Since then, the studio has been busily working on other titles, including spin-off The Walking Dead: Michonne. Now, Telltale Games has revealed the release date of the second episode of the series, which is expected to see release on March 29.

With the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne, which follows the beloved titular character from the comic series and television show, becoming hugely successful with both fans and critics, those who enjoyed the first part of the game have been chomping at the bit to find out when the next episode would launch. Thankfully, the March 29 release date is only a couple of weeks away, so fans won’t have long to wait. Meanwhile, the third and final episode is due to arrive at some point in April.

To coincide with the release date announcement, Telltale Games also released a new video on its YouTube channel. Consisting of a number of choices that players made during the first episode, it showcases the dramatic moments that unfolded during the series’ opener. Before watching, however, be aware that there are spoilers aplenty.

The second episode of the series, which is titled Give No Shelter, sees Michonne, Pete, and Sam escaping from the floating colony of Monroe. However, the leaders of the colony do not seem all that forgiving of the trio’s attempt to break free. Meanwhile, Michonne’s mind is not entirely focused on survival, being haunted by the memories of her daughters.

Fans will no doubt be hoping that the second part of the miniseries is as good as the first. Part one of The Walking Dead: Michonne delivered a story filled with Telltale Games’ trademark tense and character-filled focus, but alongside a more combat-heavy experience than those familiar with the developer might expect. If the level of quality continues throughout the series, then users are in for a treat.

Fans of The Walking Dead in general will also most likely be grateful that the series has managed to keep to schedule. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the first-person shooter spin-off from Overkill Studios, which has now been delayed to 2017. Hopefully, The Walking Dead: Michonne will be more than enough to keep gamers happy over the course of 2016.

The second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne is due to be released on March 29 for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.