With only one more episode left in TellTale’s The Walking Dead series, the developer has set up a foundation for a dramatic ending to what has been an entertaining and thrilling ride (read our review of episode four). With time running out to find Clementine and the enemy still lurking in the shows, the fifth and final episode will hopefully provide closure – and, perhaps, several different endings tailored by each player’s individual choices.

The fourth episode brought players through an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the streets of Savannah. With the mysterious human stalkers after Clementine, zombie hoards shambling around every corner and the challenge that Crawford brings, episode four brought Lee Everett and his group through combat, puzzles and the agonizing moral dilemmas that are trademark to the series.

According to the above video recapping the results of player decisions in the latest episode of The Walking Dead game, most people made good on their promise to Clementine and brought her on the dangerous mission to Crawford. While bringing a little girl into one of the most dangerous places in Savannah may not sound like a good idea, such actions may get her the survival skills necessary to survive in post-apocalyptia, like Carl from Season 3 of The Walking Dead┬áTV series on AMC. In the game universe however, Clementine’s questioning of your actions consistently provides a moral compass for players, which for some produces very guilty answers.

The Walking Dead Episode Four Statistics

Despite the fact that Ben has been a liability to the group since he first arrived in episode two, it’s interesting to note that the majority of gamers still saved him, despite him asking to be left behind. Over the last few statistics videos, it’s become inherently clear that the majority of those who play The Walking Dead are the type who’d go the extra mile to save someone, and put others before themselves. This kind of playing mentality may reveals a lot about the majority of gamers, especially in a game which as such a high risk of horrible consequences.

With the final episode of The Walking Dead due out next week, TellTale is set to provide an exciting conclusion to Lee’s story – and an episode which will surely provide some more interesting statistics.

Ranters, how did your results compare to the above video? Are you in the minority for any of your actions?

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