The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 4 Collectibles Guide

For those ready to see how Clementine's story comes to a close, Episode 4: Take Us Back of The Walking Dead Final Season is out now. Like previous episodes, fans will be required to gather collectibles to place in Clem and AJ's room to pop two achievements or trophies. One major difference with this episode is that although the last three episodes have featured six collectibles, there are only four this time around.

This is most likely due to the structure of the episode and its focus on the end of Clementine's journey in The Walking Dead. Still, for those completionists, here is when and where to find the four collectibles scattered across the episode.


the walking dead final season act one crystal

The first two collectibles, the Crystal and Calypso Cauliflower, will be found once players enter the cave in Act One. The main thing here is to not cross the river until these items are found.

To the player's left, there is a small waterfall feeding this river. Follow the cave wall in its direction until coming across the first collectible, the Crystal.

Calypso Cauliflower

walking dead collectible cauliflower

In the same cave as the Crystal, this is a collectible toy for AJ, which appear to be part of a set. Many may note that the Beet Nik toy, for example, can found in our Walking Dead Final Season Episode 3 collectibles guide.

Its companion, the Calypso Cauliflower, can be found to the right near the pile of sticks in the cave. Players will want to pass AJ and look for it sitting up against a rock.

James' Walker Mask

walking dead final season man in mask

There are two ways to get this mask, depending on the ending of the previous episode. If James is dead, this collectible will stand out from others this season, as players will not actually need to pick it up. Following the explosive end of Episode 3: Broken Toys, players will see AJ collect this mask shortly after a small fight.

If he is not, it will be locked behind some dialogue. Be wary of this, as this means this collectible can be missable. Players will want to select the following dialogue options following the Riverbank scene:

  • "Thought you hated violence"
  • "Lily deserved to die"
  • "I know you don't mean that"
  • "Survival isn't everything."
  • "The older you are"
  • "it's a childish fantasy"
  • "trust AJ"


the walking dead last collectible skull

The last collectible will not be found until Act Three. We've also elected to forego an image of the collectible, as it would contain minor spoilers. However, it is simple enough to find.

When placing the spear in the shack, players will need to head to the small blue box. Between it and some other junk, players will find the skull on the ground, which will be pop the collectibles achievement/trophy.

To get the second achievement or trophy, players will want to be sure to place these items in Clem and AJ's room at the very end of the episode. It's worth mentioning that it popped for us once we placed the first item, but this should eventually be patched. Once this is done, players will have completed The Walking Dead Final Season.

Episode 4: Take Us Back of The Walking Dead Final Season is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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