The Walking Dead Episode 3 News Coming Soon

The closure of Telltale Games was a dismal moment for the gaming industry and community, with a large number of staff laid off and many of the studio's projects, including The Walking Dead: The Final Season (which was already two episodes in), being canceled. But then Skybound Games swooped in and revived the title, even promising to bring in former Telltale staff to help finish it, much to the fans' delight. That was nearly a month ago now and there has still been no word on when the season will continue, but Skybound has stated that it will happen soon.

On Skybound's official Twitter, a short but succinct Tweet was posted that said we can expect to see information regarding both Episodes 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season soon, accompanied with an image of main character Clementine entering a dark and seemingly empty basement of some kind. It's admittedly not much info to go on, but hopefully we'll get something a lot more concrete by the end of the month at least. Episode 3 was apparently nearly finished before Telltale's closure so, assuming the developers haven't started from scratch, Skybound may not have much left to finish.

While fans await a new episode with bated breath, the first two episodes are still unavailable on digital storefronts, having been removed from them over a month ago, with still no word on when they will be made available for purchase again. It's possible that Skybound is waiting to release Episode 3 before re-releasing the first two, since any new players wouldn't be able to pick up Episode 3 otherwise. The physical version of the game is still available to pre-order, however, and will come with the first two episodes already on the disc.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season was available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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