The Walking Dead Episode 3 Aiming for 2018 Release

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When it was announced that Telltale Games was closing it doors, the fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Season was uncertain. Thankfully, it was recently revealed that the fan-favorite Telltale series will give Clementine a proper ending, thanks to Skybound Games. Shortly after the reveal, Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe and the game's creative director Kent Mudle answered some fan questions on Reddit, including one involving a release date for the two upcoming episodes.

The short of it is that the studio is uncertain. Currently, Skybound Games is finishing up some other projects, so the team is not currently working on The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Howe went on to elaborate that until they are back in production, it would be impossible to give an accurate answer as to the game's release date. Nevertheless, Howe also stated that as soon as these releases are known, they will be made available to the public immediately.

While many may have been disappointed by the lack of a definitive time frame, Howe went out "on a limb" to say that fans should expect at least Episode 3: Broken Toys by the end of the year. Check it out below:

OK, given that you guys have been so supportive and patient, I'm going out on a limb and will say yes, I fully expect Episode 3 to be this year and I'll be very disappointed if we can't make that happen. and what happens after I type a response like this, is that the PR people run into my office and try and take away my computer so I don't say anything else :)

After all, it's worth mentioning that the aforementioned episode was nearly finished at the announcement of Telltale's closure. As far as development goes, it wouldn't require much to finish up, though episode 4 may be another story altogether. Regardless, most fans are likely excited that Telltale's closure has just resulted in a delay, not a full cancellation.

Hopefully, we'll be continuing Clementine's journey soon, but the hard-working people at Telltale have provided us with several gems over the year. In honor of those developers, we've compiled this list of 7 Telltale Games everyone should play.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 3 has no set release date, but is expected to release at some point this year.

Source: Reddit

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