[Updated with official trailer.]

The pieces of the puzzle regarding Telltale Games‘ post-The Walking Dead/pre-The Walking Dead 2 bonus content are slowly falling into place. After releasing a very short teaser video showing a character named Vince, the developer has added three additional characters to the fold.

While each teaser vid features a character headshot being placed onto a cork board, the most recent Vine clip — featuring a character named Shel — appears to be the most telling. Specifically, it suggests Telltale Games’ bonus content will be titled The 400 Days DLC. Allow us to explain.

Not that long ago, something called the 400 Days DLC popped up on the Steam registry before it was swiftly taken down. Most figured Steam inadvertently revealed…something, but it was unclear at the time what exactly that something was.

Walking Dead Teaser 400 Days DLC

Couple that with the fact that each Vine features a different day in its title — Day 2, Day 220, etc. — and it’s safe to assume The 400 Days DLC and this Walking Dead follow-up are one in the same. Not to mention the most recent Vines for Shel and Russell feature a “4” and a “00.” And earlier today, they unveiled a 5th character, Wyat, with a Vine that features the full “400.”

So, while we can safely assume that The 400 Days DLC is the additional Walking Dead content writer Gary Whitta teased, we still don’t know much about it. We have some fleeting glances at the game’s characters, but we have no clue how they might factor into the story.

Additionally, there’s no indication as to whether or not The 400 Days DLC will pick up where The Walking Dead left off. We won’t spoil what happens in Episode 5, but let’s just say we’d like some additional resolution.

Given the way Telltale has been regularly teasing this Walking Dead bonus content, it seems a very likely possibility they will officially unveil the game at E3 next week.

What do you think The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC will be about? What do you make of the teaser videos?

Source: Telltale Games, VG 24/7