The Town of Light Trailer: Psychological Horror Game Releases in June

The Town of Light Trailer: Psychological Horror Game Releases in June - The Town of Light Renee

The Town of Light, a creepy psychological horror game set in an abandoned asylum, released on PC last year to mixed reviews. After a year of potential improvements, the game is looking to redeem itself on consoles, and as it turns out, The Town of Light's console release is right around the corner, with a PS4 and Xbox One launch date of June 6th.

The console release date for Town of Light was announced with a new 4K live-action trailer that shows protagonist Renee first enter the asylum. For those that haven't been following the game, The Town of Light is about an adult Renee revisiting the asylum she spent most of her childhood in to find answers about her past. The game tackles heavy themes like mental illness and how we treat those diagnosed with such disorders.

The Town of Light's console release will be marked by "numerous improvements" and new content that will also make its way to the PC version of the game. However, it's unclear exactly how the game has been improved from last year's release, and we also don't know what new content it has in store. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't offer any details on that front, though its 4K resolution may hint that the game itself will support 4K visuals.

Of course, that's just speculation at this time, but it would make sense. After all, both Sony and Microsoft have started pushing for 4K resolution, with both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S capable of producing 4K-quality graphics. More and more games are releasing with 4K resolution options, and it would be odd for the developers to release a 4K resolution trailer if the final game wasn't capable of producing the same visual quality.

Speaking of the trailer, it could also be an indication that The Town of Light will have live-action content for its new release. Live-action cut-scenes like this could help the game stand apart from the pack of other first-person exploratory horror games, which admittedly are not in short supply these days.

The Town of Light's new launch date is right around the corner, so we'll know exactly what it will entail sooner rather than later.

The Town of Light is available now for PC and will launch for PS4 and Xbox One on June 6th.

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