The Surge 2: How to Beat Little Johnny

the surge 2 how to beat little johnny

The Surge 2 is a Souls-like game, and as such, it features a series of increasingly-difficult boss battles for players to overcome. In the early portions of the game, one of the toughest boss fights players will have is against Little Johnny, who pilots a tentacled mech and can deal an absurd amount of damage to the player. This Surge 2 boss fight isn't easy, but there are strategies players can employ to make things a bit less stressful on themselves.

First and foremost, the goal of the Little Johnny boss fight in The Surge 2 isn't just to whittle away his health meter like other bosses encountered in the sci-fi Souls-like game. On the contrary, players need to destroy the cooling tanks attached to his mech. There are two attached to the body of the mech, and one on the end of each tentacle. For the first part of the Little Johnny boss fight, it's best to focus on the cooling tanks attached to the mech's cockpit first.

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The trick to beating Little Johnny in The Surge 2 is to bait him into trying to slam down onto the player. Walk underneath the mech and wait for it to slam to the ground, then unleash a charged attack at the cooling tanks. Repeat this until they're destroyed. Avoid standing in front of Little Johnny as much as possible, as his pincers are difficult to dodge (note that skilled players can destroy the pincers to get special weapons, but it's really difficult to do this and also finish the fight in one piece).

As we noted in our review of The Surge 2, the lock-on system in the game isn't always the most reliable. Because of this, it may be tricky to get properly locked on to the cooling tanks at first. If players have any trouble, it's best to just run as far away from Johnny as possible and spam the lock-on button until it focuses on his cockpit. Then players are able to scroll between the two cooling tanks at ease. However, don't linger too long as Little Johnny can close the distance really fast.

When the cockpit cooling tanks have been destroyed, players will next want to turn their attention to the tentacles. We recommend walking around Johnny in a circle, focusing on one tentacle at a time. Wait for him to put the tentacle on the ground, then zip to it, slash it a couple of times, and retreat. Each destroyed tentacle will make the fight a little easier, so as long as players are able to avoid Little Johnny's attacks at the end, they should be well on their way to victory and continuing their adventure in the Jericho City.

The Little Johnny boss fight in The Surge 2 is much more challenging than the Nitro boss fight and the battle against Warden Garcia, but it's far from the most difficult battle in the game. Anyone who hopes to conquer The Surge 2 should prepare themselves for an extremely challenging journey.

The Surge 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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