'The Sims Medieval' Gets a New Trailer

The Sims Medieval Trailer

If there is one series of games that have made its impact known on consoles and PCs alike in recent years it is The Sims. The game that arguably started the mainstream adoption of simulated life is set to take its dedication to accurate recreations of human interaction into a fantasy realm of witches and wizardry. The Sims Medieval looks to take the formula that has made the franchise into a lasting success, and add a new layer of RPG quests, upgrading, and kingdom-building. According to the newest trailer, there won't be any shortage of content when the game is released in March.

The first details we received concerning the series's venture into fantasy had many fans scratching their heads, wondering how close the game would keep to its roots, and just how much of an impact the new quest systems would have on the already familiar gameplay.

There's no shortage of fantasy RPGs with games like Fable 3 and World of Warcraft set to receive even more company when Dragon Age II and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim release next year. So what will make The Sims Medieval stand apart from the crowd?

According to the latest trailer, the sense of humor that has become a hallmark of the series will be taken to entirely new heights, and viewers may sense a distinct mixture of fantasy and Monty Python-style lampooning. Don't take our word for it, check out the newest trailer for yourself:


There may still be a few months left before the game is released, but those who decide to pick up the Limited Edition of the game can enjoy some bonus content. If there is one game that knows how to make bonus features irresistible it is The Sims, and that isn't changing with Medieval. The purchase of a Limited Edition will get players:

  • Executioner outfits for both male and female characters.
  • Royal outfits suiting both King and Queens.
  • Barbarian, Dark Magic, and Princess Throne Rooms are sure to please even the most diverse tastes.

The game will be available on both the PC and Mac, so the move from the computer to the console that The Sims 3 enjoyed may not be a move that EA is eager to repeat. There's no question that the team believes in the future of the franchise, since the sheer amount of domains they've acquired prove that they have high hopes.

How the minds behind the game will manage to take the series in a new direction while still keeping the faithful fans happy will be an interesting challenge. Outsiders may see the addition of quest systems and the ability to build your kingdom as bringing the game closer to those like Fable, but fans pick The Sims over other RPGs for a reason.

The franchise has a track record of bringing new genres into the fray through expansion packs, but competing so directly with established games is a tall order. A risky goal to be sure, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt since a product bearing The Sims name rarely disappoints.

Whether it hits the mark or falls short, there's no question that The Sims Medieval will offer a new take on a proven formula when it launches for the PC and Mac in March of 2011.

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