5 The Sims Fan Theories That Could Be True (And 5 We Hope Aren’t)

One thing we love about The Sims series is the range of reappearing characters we can take control of. From the Goth family to the Landgraab family, each game reveals a little bit more about their true stories and about the details of the Sims universe.

However, not all things are known to this day and we can only hope that The Sims 5 will shed more light on any of the mysteries of this world. With what we know for now, it's always fun to speculate and create wild theories. We've compiled five incredible fan theories we hope are spot on and five that we cross our fingers aren't true.

10 Could Be True: Olive Specter Is A Murderer

Olive Specter was an elderly lady living with her niece Ophelia in Strangetown, in a big house with a rather expansive graveyard. While Olive seems innocent enough at first glance, according to some theories she's actually responsible for the deaths of the people buried in her backyard.

It it stated that Olive enjoys digging in her backyard and sharpening sticks and that she was left at the altar by a man called Earl E. Demise, who passed away mysteriously soon after the incident. All this points towards Olive having something to do with all these corpses and would make her quite a creepy serial killer.

9 Hope Not: Lolita Goth Was Gunther's First Wife

In The Sims 3, a young woman known as Lolita Goth is buried in the Goth family's graveyard. She'll come out of her grave every once in a while and will have numerous flirty interactions with Gunther Goth, which might mean that she was his first wife.

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However, the reason why we hope this isn't true is because Lolita has the Childish trait and seems much younger than Gunther, which would have made their relationship inappropriate. Moreover, it's unclear why and how she died, other than it was through electricity, which isn't present at all in the Goth family house.

8 Could Be True: Skip Broke Was Murdered

The Broke family is an unfortunate one in The Sims 2, with single mother Brandi struggling to make ends meet. Brandi's husband Skip was killed in a "suspicious pool ladder accident", which in itself is a reference to the common way that players like to torment and kill off their Sims. However, this could also be a reference to something in-game, some type of a murder ploy that got Skip killed in an untimely manner.

It's unlikely that Brandi would have done something so cruel, but perhaps he had an enemy we know nothing about.

7 Hope Not: The World Exists On Two Timelines

It's already been stated by the developers that The Sims 4 is a brand new stand-alone game that has no ties to the previous installments. While this was most likely done to give some freedom for the developers, fans have started speculating there might be more to this. What if The Sims 4 universe and the universe of The Sims, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 are actually parallel realities?

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One example of this is how Bella Goth is still in the game and hasn't disappeared. The reason why we hope this isn't true is that we love continuation and would like to either see the stories of these characters return in The Sims 5 or for the next installment in the series to continue The Sims 4 in the same way The Sims 2 continued The Sims.

6 Could Be True: Don Lothario Traveled To The Past

It's well known that The Sims 3 takes place in the past, way before the events of The Sims and The Sims 2. Because of this, it's quite a confusing sight to see Don Lothario in Riverview. His bio states that he woke up in a new place, with only a distant memory of walking through a teleporter and two women laughing at him.

Theories state that he was sent back in time by none other than the Caliente sisters, at a moment where he was facing a difficult decision of either settling down with Cassandra Goth or continuing his womanizing lifestyle. It's a fascinating theory and leaves a ton of room for cool story arcs in future installments of the game.

5 Hope Not: The Sims Are A Failed Science Experiment

There isn't much that we know about the universe that our Sims live in general. It all seems an imitation of life but slightly skewed. Some fans have theorized that maybe the Sims are all the result of a big failed science experiment.

Humanity attempted to create clones of itself, but the clones failed and were sent into quarantined neighborhoods where they would be controlled by a god-like creature. This could explain the existence of the plumbob as well.

We hope this isn't true. After all, it's quite a sad and bleak backstory for such a colorful game full of colorful characters.

4 Could Be True: The Landgraab Family Stole Land For Riches

Throughout many Sim games, the name Landgraab comes up over and over again. They're known as the richest and most powerful family around, with enough money to influence politics. The roots of this family go all the way down to medieval days, and it seems that throughout the years their main source of income has been land and real estate.

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It's even believed that they may have been colonizers of sorts, which would be confirmed their name that sounds very close to "land grab". This means that they took land for themselves and may have even stolen property in the past to accumulate their wealth.

3 Hope Not: The Government Is Authoritarian

We want to believe the best about our Sims and their universe, but that isn't always possible when reality shows otherwise.

It's very clear throughout all the Sims games that the invisible government entity can step in when it deems appropriate to deliver punishments and consequences to your Sims. From social services snatching your child against your will to the repo man making his entrance when you've failed to pay your bills, the government is present in a surprisingly authoritarian way. We hope, however, that the theory of a police state isn't true and that our Sims live in a relatively free world - or as free as we want it to be.

2 Could Be True: Bella Was Abducted By Aliens

The most famous theory surrounds the mystery of Bella Goth's disappearance in The Sims 2. We know that she was last seen on the balcony of Don Lothario's home and used a telescope. There's even photo proof of this.

The big theory is that Don was working together with the Caliente sisters to lure Bella away from Mortimer and have her abducted by aliens - to whom the Calientes are related by blood. This way, the Caliente sisters could charm Mortimer and eventually get rid of him to get hold of his wealth. It's a dark but entirely plausible theory reinforced by a ton of photos and memories in The Sims 2.

1 Hope Not: We Live In A Simulation, Too

The Sims is essentially a simulation game, run by a code that we as players interact with. However, if our Sims were self-aware, would they know the true nature of their reality? The same question can be asked about ourselves.

What if your reality as we know it is actually just one massive simulation, and we're also being controlled by some god-like creatures? We hope this theory, explored in the Matrix movies and a bunch of other science fiction pieces, isn't true, as that would mean none of us have true free will to make our choices. Next time you play The Sims 4, give your Sims the freedom to choose, for once!

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