The Sims 4: Realm Of Magic - Ultimate Familiar Guide

With The Sims 4: Realm Of Magic, familiars are finally here. These exotic critters are magical creatures you can purchase at Juan's Wonderful One-Stop Wand Warehouse located in Caster Alley. Make sure you check the shop regularly, as the inventory changes constantly. If you're lucky, there is also the chance of randomly finding their summoning orbs by searching for magical tomes in the bookshelves in Magic Realm HQ or by dueling someone for one. Regular cats and dogs can be also bound as familiars. You can bind as many familiars as you want, but only one can be summoned at a time.

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Their presence will give your Spellcaster an extra confidence moodlet and they're also able to protect you from death. Each familiar comes with their unique personality, and they'll occasionally comment encouragingly on your progress as a magic-user. The best part about them, however, is the fact that they will boost your experience gain whenever you perform activities that give your Spellcaster experience. Some familiars are more or less common than others, so let's have a look at each of them individually.

12 Common: Fairy

Any fans of The Legend of Zelda will recognize this creature's appearance right away. The fairy is summoned using a blue summoning orb and appears as a small hovering glowing ball with deep blue butterfly wings.

The Fairy is described as a non-physical being and only appears as a glowing concentration of energy suspended upon its wings. It is said that when near a fairy, an almost electric, light spark can be felt. Its price in the shop is 100 simoleons.

11 Common: Raven

A classic familiar to any traditional witch or wizard out there, the Raven is a great option. It appears a deep shade of purple and black in color, with brightly glowing yellow eyes. While some might consider the Raven a bringer of bad news or misfortune, it's considered as a loyal familiar to the Spellcaster it's bound to and will take a deep liking to them.

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Its price in the shop is 100 simoleons.

10 Common: Sixam Owl

For those unsure what is a Sixam, it's the alien planet that becomes available for your Sim in the Get To Work expansion pack once they reach the maximum level in their scientist career (and it's also Maxis spelled backward).

We can only assume this creature hails from that far away planet; therefore, it is no wonder that the Sixam Owl is said to have a deep connection with the moon. Blue and glowing with star-like details, it's the ideal choice for any Pufferheads. Its price in the shop is 100 simoleons.

9 Common: Bunnerfly

If you've ever wondered what a bunny with butterfly wings would look like, then look no further. Despite its adorable name and somewhat adorable appearance, the Bunnerfly has a somewhat hellish feel to it. The familiar has red glowing eyes and crimson butterfly wings that keep its black, fuzzy self suspended in the air.

Its description states that the Bunnerfly's true nature is actually unknown, with the familiar being considered a bit of an anomaly in both magic and biology. Most expensive of the "Common" familiars, the Bunnerfly costs 250 simoleons at the shop.

8 Uncommon: Dragon

The selection of familiars really wouldn't be complete without a Dragon. Classic, yet known as a fearsome creature capable of incredible devastation, it is the go-to familiar for anyone who values power over anything else. Nobody messes with the Dragon and his allies, his loyalty to his Spellcaster completely unmatched.

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The Dragon appears like a baby of its kind, purple in color with yellow glowing eyes and two horns on top of its head. Its price in the shop is 250 simoleons.

7 Uncommon: Glowfrog

Don't be fooled by the Glowfrog's silly appearance, as, apparently, staring into those blank eyes can spell trouble for an unsuspecting Sim. By nature, they are mischievous beings and won't hesitate to play games when given a chance to.

As players should suspect, Glowfrogs appear as green hovering frogs with small wings and a tail with a brightly glowing yellow orb at its end. Its price in the shop is 250 simoleons.

6 Uncommon: Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat

When you think about "unexpectedly cute," a hybrid between a baby pig, a bat, and a plant isn't the first thing that comes to mind; at least, until you actually see a Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat.

Insanely adorable, this variation from the classic bat - which is a form that vampires take in The Sims 4 - has a pink nose, stubby green legs, a fluffy white body, and brightly glowing green leaf-like wings. Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat costs 250 simoleons.

5 Uncommon: Hex Doll

Who could forget about the art of voodoo when it comes to magic? For any believers of this ancient craft, the Hex Doll just might be the perfect pick. He's described as quite the silent familiar, but that doesn't take away from his natural charm.

The Hex Doll looks like a brown voodoo doll, with a glowing heart on its chest and various patches on its body, as well as pins sticking from its head. While he looks perpetually angry, the Hex Doll is a steadfast follower. The familiar is priced at 250 simoleons.

4 Rare: Phoenix

The symbol of rebirth and power, the Phoenix is among the rarest and most highly-coveted familiars in the Realm of Magic. Who isn't fascinated by this mystical, regal creature? His appearance is similar to the Raven, but his body glows like hot embers, with black spots on its head and wings and a glowing backside.

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There are also two small horns protruding from its head and a pair of yellow glowing eyes that keep a watch on his favorite Spellcaster. The Phoenix is sold for 500 simoleons at the shop.

3 Rare: Skull

Skulls are obviously associated with death, and sometimes even darkness and evil. Only the most fearsome Spellcasters will welcome the presence of this creepy symbol, either to make it clear they're not to be messed with, or to make their enemies shake with fear in a duel.

The Skull is ancient and faded on the surface, with cracks and scars carved into its bone. However, it emanates a strange greenish glow that seems to keep it suspended in the air. The Skull can be bought for 500 simoleons at the shop.

2 Rare: Velid

Fans of Voidcritters will be excited to find out that one creature, in particular, makes an appearance in the Realm of Magic, proving his existence. Velid is said to have an extensive knowledge of space, which makes sense considering he's a visitor from a faraway land.

He is always hovering on a small cloud of smoke and has a goat-like skull for a head, brown horns and large red eyes, and a blue body. It's the most expensive of all familiars, sold at the shop for 777 simoleons.

1 Cats & Dogs

If none of these mystical beings tickled your fancy, rest assured that your previously lazy house cat or brand new puppy can also become your familiar. All you need to do is click on them, select "Magic" and then "Bind As Familiar."

Once your pet is summoned as your familiar, they'll be differentiated by a sparkle that surrounds them. They can go on adventures on their own to fetch magical items for you, so if you've ever dreamed of having your own Salem, why not opt for a classic black cat?

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