The Sims 4: Realm of Magic - Ultimate Spellcaster Guide

The long wait is finally over and The Sims 4 Realm of Magic has arrived, with a brand new neighborhood and dimension where the possibilities of learning magic are near endless. For anyone looking to begin their path as a witch or wizard, there's a lot to know and quite a bit to keep in mind while progressing through your magical training.

Thankfully, we've prepared this handy guide to explain all the details of what it means to become a Spellcaster and what you can expect on your journey to become the best caster there is.

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10 The Spellcaster

The Spellcaster is actually a brand new life state, just like vampires, mermaids and aliens. While you don't exactly have a second form, you'll notice that your needs look slightly different with a large orb at the top indicating your level of magical charge.

There are some perks to being a Spellcaster by blood, as your children will inherit the trait from you. The stronger you are as a Spellcaster, the more potential they will show when they step on the path of magic as well.

9 How To Become One

Becoming a Spellcaster is pretty easy. You first need to access the Realm of Magic through the portal located in Glimmerbrook and you'll be transported to another dimension. Once you arrive at the HQ, you'll notice three people walking around with strange runes hovering above their heads. These are known as the Sages, and they are the masters of their own schools of magic.

Talk with any of them and get to know them just a bit, after which you can ask them to teach you magic. They'll send you to hunt down seven magical motes, which are hovering orbs located around the HQ and pretty easy to find. Bring them back to the Sage you spoke with and your path as a Spellcaster will begin.

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8 Choosing Your School

There are three schools of magic in Realm of Magic, each represented by their respective sage. The school of Untamed Magic is led by Morgyn Ember, with most of its spells elemental and destructive in nature. It is said to be the most powerful school from the three, allowing you to electrocute others or even set them on fire.

The school of Mischie Magic is all about playing games and causing mayhem in those around you by manipulating their thoughts and behaviors. The school of Practical Magic allows you to learn spells that will help you clean or easily teleport wherever your heart desires. Finally, Alchemy has no Sage, but is basically the study of potions that give you powerful boosts. The great thing is that you don't have to choose a specialty, and can learn from every school if you so wish.

7 Learning Magic & Alchemy

Once you've chosen the path of a Spellcaster, it's time to actually learn spells. There are a few different ways to go about this. You can ask one of the Sages to teach you a spell, although this interaction has a long cooldown.

The easiest way is to click on your Sim and select Practice Magic. At Magic HQ you can also search the bookshelves for magical tomes and learn from them. Alternatively, buying books from Caster's Alley, dueling another caster for knowledge or selecting Experiment on a cauldron can also help you with experience progress.

6 Beware The Overcharge

As you begin your journey as a Spellcaster, it's important to also know your limits. In your Spellcaster's needs panel, you'll notice a large orb at the top that fills up the more you cast spells or duel other Sims.

This orb gets refreshed every day, but try not let it get filled up. If that happens, your Sim will suffer from Overcharge, which can either just momentarily fry them up or even go as far as kill them. So, remain patient when learning and using your spells and beware the Overcharge!

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5 Perk Progression

Learning spells is one thing, but climbing in the ranks of a Spellcaster is another. In order to advance from one rank to another, you'll need to earn experience, which is gained from performing any magical interaction from Practicing Magic to casting a spell to reading Magical Tomes.

Once you rank up, you'll be granted Talent Points, which you can then spend on powerful Spellcaster perks to make your life just a tiny bit easier. The higher in rank you are, the more powerful spells you can learn, and once you reach the top you'll be at the stage where the three Sages are, too.

4 Familiars

Any Spellcaster looking to advance in their journey should also consider opting for a Familiar. These mysterious critters can be purchased at Caster's Alley or found randomly while searching the HQ's bookshelves for Magical Tomes.

Having a Familiar present while you perform magical interactions will boost your experience gain, but also give your Sim an extra confidence Moodlet. Plus, it's nice to have someone constantly encourage you with your magical studies!

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3 Failing Your Magic

Not only should you be aware of Overcharge, but you should also keep in mind that like all things, spells and potions can fail too. Those in the lower ranks are more prone to failure due to lack of experience, but even at higher levels if your Spellcaster happens to be in a bad mood they have an increased chance of failing their spell.

Moreover, if your Spellcaster attempts to cast while Overcharged, they have a higher risk of failing their spells as well. The penalty of failure can either be a curse or simply being knocked down.

2 Getting Cursed

Curses happen when you fail at casting a spell or brewing a potion. These are negative effects that will basically haunt you indefinitely until you get rid of them or cure yourself somehow, which makes them particularly annoying to deal with. There are ten curses, some of which will make you so repulsive people around you will vomit at the sight of you.

Others will make it harder for you to win in a duel, while some curses will make you want to hug everyone around you regardless of relationship. To get rid of a curse, you can use the Decursify spell or drink a Potion of Curse Cleansing.

1 Wands And Brooms

As a Spellcaster you might be interested in acquiring a wand and a broom. Both can be purchased at Caster's Alley, where the stock changes regularly. Make sure to check in every day for new variations.

Wands are not necessary for you to cast your spells, as you begin with simply using your hands. However, if you'd like a fancy looking wand, there's plenty to choose from. For brooms, these handy objects allow you to travel quickly from one location to another, and there are a few different kinds available as well. Again, they're not necessary, but unlike wands they allow for quicker travel and therefore provide a real perk.

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