Pools Are Open in ‘The Sims 4’ Update

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The Sims 4 hasn’t been out that long, but the second feature update for the game will bring back the oft-requested existence of pools and swimwear. The base game felt a little feature-free (read: rushed) after becoming accustomed to a content-packed Sims 3 experience, so fans of The Sims 4 should download this latest free update right away. The patch brings more interactivity to pools than ever before, though Maxis’ backpedaling on the pools feature will leave some fans questioning their logic.

Maxis had explained earlier that pools were removed so that the studio could focus their attention on Build Mode features, like the ability to directly place stylized rooms into houses on the fly. The explanation made less sense later, when the studio announced pools would arrive via a free content update anyway, prompting many to question why the studio was keen on releasing the game without features that should have been in it from day one.

The Sims is a series that has garnered some controversy regarding their excessive use of downloadable content, with the expansion and stuff packs for the previous generation of games totaling over a hefty $400 at regular price. Luckily, the pool content update was released without cost – but it still should have been included from the get-go. The exclusion of other commonplace items like garbage disposals, dishwashers, or even family trees, has some fans rightfully feeling a little miffed.

The Sims 4 Rooftop Pool

The ‘new’ pool design feature does boast some nice enhancements from previous generations of The Sims, with the ability to build diagonally being one of the main game-changers. Intrepid designers will find this opens plenty of new doors in regards to building fancier pools, and the sides of the pools themselves can now also be lined with windows to create an infinity pool. The depth of pools can also be adjusted using the wall tool, allowing for shallow ‘kid friendly’ pools and deep ‘removing the only exit’ pools to be included in the game.

Pools can also be placed on different stories of houses, rather than being limited to the ground like before. Whether gamers are building a casual bedroom pool or the ultimate rooftop patio area, the building tool makes it a relatively easy and painless process. The update also adds a ‘swimwear’ clothing style, and even when not swimming some sims may casually lounge poolside and catch some rays.

It’s a good update that makes the house designs far more visually appealing, even if the update should have been included in the base game. In today’s era of DLC-centred income, however, we acquiesce that we’re just relieved they didn’t try and market the feature as a paid-product.

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