The Sims 4 'Get To Work' Expansion Pack Announced

The Sims 4 Get To Work


One day after announcing the return of family trees, The Sims 4 showed gamers their first look at the inaugural expansion pack for the core game. Called Get To Work, the expansion pack will let players continue following their sims during work hours for select jobs. Previously, Sims at work virtually disappear from the game entirely, leaving solid 8 hours in-game of nothing in a 24 hour day.

With the new content, players will get to go with their sims as they attempt to do things like solve crimes, save lives and potentially even interact with aliens. The first Sims 4 expansion is set to come out this April, and will really expand the enjoyment of careers throughout the game.

These playable careers are called Active Careers, and right now feature the jobs of Scientist, Doctor and Detective. Players will be tasked with interrogating criminals, solving crimes, performing surgeries, and inventing teleporters to communicate with other worlds. It's an exciting boost of playtime, and being able to directly impact your chances of promotion with in-game choices (as opposed to a simple popup dialogue choice ticker) will make each career path much more exciting. These career paths also get brand new neighborhood destinations, with the Police Station, Science Laboratory and Hospital being outfitted with a variety of new items to make these careers more interactive.

The Sims 4 Get To Work

More entrepreneurial-minded gamers can opt to forge their own path in the retail world by starting their own business. The Sims Studio confirmed that bakeries, clothing boutiques, art galleries, and bookstores will be available business types to start up with, and plenty more options have been left unannounced. Given that there's now Baking and Photography skill sets, one of these unannounced self-starter jobs is undoubtedly becoming a Photographer, tasked with working your way from shooting friends to shooting stars.

These retail jobs can be reached by acquiring a property in the all-new Retail District, which is set to be chock-full of fully explorable shops. Players can even manage their staff roster, choose what to sell, and attempt to upsell more items to their customers during day-to-day playing, adding a whole new level of management to the life simulation game.

Perhaps hinting at a future Supernatural expansion pack, it looks like aliens will also be on the prowl in Get To Work. Some sims will be tasked with finding out which sims are actually imposters from another race, and with ghosts already in the game, the setting for a future spooky-themed expansion pack seems to have been well prepared. There'll also be a discoverable Alien Dimension within the expansion pack, which likely will have to be discovered by a scientist in Active Career.

What do you think about the first Sims 4 expansion pack? Are there any jobs you'd like to see get Active Career options?

The Sims 4 is set to bring in the 'Get to Work' expansion with April, which coincides with the 15th anniversary of the series itself. Running at a hefty $40, hopefully it'll have the content to match the price.

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