Developer Funcom has been around for a long while, but as of late, they’re perhaps best known for their MMO The Secret World. While The Secret World hasn’t quite set the world ablaze as the developers might have hoped, it has managed to earn points with gamers for its horrific Lovecraftian setting and visuals.

Now Funcom is translating the creepy universe of The Secret World to a single-player experience with their next venture. That new game is called The Park, and the seizure-inducing teaser trailer for it can be viewed at the top of this page.

The Park centers around a mother named Lorraine, who brings her son Callum to the titular amusement park. However, The Park‘s threat has yet to be revealed, and the teaser trailer creates more questions than it does answers. All it shows is Lorraine’s first-person view as she is riding a roller coaster in the fog-shrouded amusement park at night.

Developers Funcom have this to say about the game, which sheds a bit more light on the direction they plan on going with the title when it releases this fall:

“Amusement parks are happy places, filled with the innocent joys of childhood and the exhilarating rush of hair-raising, but safe adventure. Balloons, cotton candy and fantastic rides to be dared. Perhaps that is how Lorraine pictured it too when she brought her son Callum to one… just before it descended into the most terrifying nightmare of her life.”

The Park Trailer: New Horror Game Set in an Amusement Park - The Park logo

Gameplay specifics and other important details are lacking for The Park, but the teaser trailer, despite its briefness, is still intriguing. A haunted or demonic amusement park seems like a ripe setting for a first-person horror game, and Funcom has already shown they’re capable of creating the unsettling atmospheres necessary for games like The Park to succeed.

The Park is just the latest game in what appears to be a renaissance for the horror genre. The genre was fairly stagnant for many years, with its most important franchises ditching horror in favor of action, such as was the case with Resident Evil. However, gamers have spoken with their wallets, and now more genuine horror experiences are on the way. In fact, it seems like every couple of weeks, an interesting new horror game concept is announced.

Take, for example, The Flock. This asymmetrical multiplayer horror game definitely caught the attention of gamers when it was revealed a couple of weeks ago as being a game wherein the community shares a pool of lives. Once those lives are depleted, the game is over, permanently.

The Flock and The Park are joined by other horror games such as the new multiplayer Friday the 13th title and the upcoming slasher movie homage called Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp, not to mention the recently released Until Dawn for PS4 (read our review). As is evidenced by the influx of new horror games and impressive sales for classic horror games such as the Resident Evil remake remaster, the horror genre in gaming is certainly enjoying an upswing at the moment, and The Park should only contribute to the trend in a positive way.

The Park is scheduled to release this coming October, exclusively for PC.

Source: Funcom

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