The Outer Worlds Devs Detail VATS-Like Combat System

The Outer Worlds version of Fallout VATS

The Outer Worlds is the upcoming sci-fi RPG from Fallout: New Vegas developers Obsidian Entertainment, and Fallout series creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are working on the game, too. So, it shouldn't be too surprising that The Outer Worlds borrows one major gameplay feature from the aforementioned Bethesda-owned franchise.

The feature in question is called tactical time dilation (or TTD for short) and it is The Outer Worlds' version of Fallout's VATS (Vault-Assisted Targeted System). The Outer Worlds' TTD lets players fire more accurate shots that target specific parts on the body of an enemy and they can "slow time and move, shoot." It even gives players bonus status effects depending on which body part they target.

The Outer Worlds developers also describe it as "a way for you to behave tactically in combat if you’re not the best FPS player." Like Fallout's VATS, The Outer Worlds' TTD has a meter that drains when in use. However, it will drain very slowly when players are just standing around figuring out what to do next. The meter will drain much quicker once a player begins firing at enemies. Those who don't have the quickest reactions or aren't sure which enemy to pick off first should find TTD extremely useful.

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While the TTD combat system isn't a total copy of Fallout's VATS, it should still scratch an itch for Fallout fans. The reveal of TTD and The Outer Worlds comes after the controversies surrounding Fallout 76, with one issue people have with the game being its version of VATS. In the new, online multiplayer Fallout game, players can't slow down time. While this makes sense due to the game being online, for those who enjoyed the traditional version of the feature, it is still disappointing.

TTD isn't the only positive similarity between The Outer Worlds and Fallout. When the game was first announced back at The Game Awards 2018 in December, many drew comparisons between its dialogue system and the dialogue system of Fallout: New Vegas. The Outer Worlds features multiple dialogue options that allow players to defuse a situation with humor or intimidation if their stats allow for it.

That may not be where the similarities end. Obsidian and publisher Private Division (a branch of 2K Games) have yet to announce a release date for the game. This may mean that there's lots left to reveal about The Outer Worlds, and it may have other features that Fallout fans appreciate.

The Outer Worlds is currently set to launch sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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